Thursday, August 02, 2007

I might be meeting a blogger friend

I am so excited. Klondike Kate. I'm sorry I don't have my links up yet again, but she is a wonderful gal from Alaska, who has been through so much in the last two years. We just sort of jelled. She lost her husband two years ago, and Mary Lou suggested at one point we should go to her blog and see her through her journey, and I did. It was painful. But so worth it, to see that she has come through so many obstacles and is finally starting her life over.

She is so witty, charming and talented, I don't know if I will be able to keep up when she meets this little mennonite chick from no where Manitoba. I hope I don't disappoint her. I don't know much about her at all, except what she wrote..but I have always felt I've known her my whole life...funny that.

Now, if Special K, would darken my doorstep, I would know exactly where to go, because ...hey..I'm the Auntie she always wanted...and would not feel uncomfortable at all, because she would be the niece I would love to kick up with. A little bit wordy, but a nice girl don't get me wrong. Oh lord, she's going to cream me!! I would really like to meet up with her one day. I can see some good times, we could both get our hair permed at Ultra Cuts . After all, she is getting a little bit older every day...and wouldn't she look cute with a "raisin" do?

This week of holidays has been going splendid did did did.

I have spent most of my time in "the hole"....meaning the two bottom fucking layers of my house. We do our basic living on layer one and two, and the bottom two is basically where we store the junk when we are finished with it from layer one an two.

We are currently trying to curb those tendancies. Today, while cleaning out the rec room, where I have stored every piece of crap of my, our, lifetime, I came across a condum. I guess someone thought it was funny to give us "protection" in our old old age... a french tickler no less. It must have been from one of our "I just turned 50 or 60 parties" .. I found it down there in a champange glass given to us by a well meaning individual. I chuckled. I also mourned those days, because you know, we will never be partying like that again. Not, that we can't, but the "will" just isn't there anymore or the wheelchair what's an old raisin to do? I threw (gave) away all the party favours...which I had been saving a trillion years. All the "old fart" books, scrabble for old farts, crotched penis holders(2) (big hit in the 90's) let's not forget about the barbeque apron for the man of the house, and when he opens his barbeque holder stuff...oops, out pops a penis. AND.. we laughted some more.

Fortheloveofmike...what if we would have showed them a fake barbeque apron vagina... they'd all be saying ..Dad, get the kid's in the truck and let's blow this popcorn stand..

Times havea changed my friends, they have.

I have thrown most everything out of this house, and donated anything good to "Good Will." I have kept everything dear to me in a few boxes. I want a lighter load.

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