Sunday, August 12, 2007

I finally met Ellen this afternoon

It was bittersweet. I wished we could have met when she was still active. I know we would have got along. She is very weak. She didn't move anything other than her head a few times and her hands. She followed along with the conversation between Curtis, her friend Sharon and me, but I don't think she had the energy to do more than answer any questions asked of her.

She still cannot eat, which is making for a whole lot of problems with her blood sugars, and they have started giving her insulin, along with the steroids, and blood transfusions.

I stayed for about an hour, but I could tell she needed to have a rest, so we left.

Curtis was there by her side. He is exactly like I pictured him...exactly! A real nice southern gentleman with just enough attitude to get him by here in Canada ... heh. He took Ellen out yesterday in her wheelchair, which he called a chair on wheels in his blog this morning, I was wondering what the hell that was!! She said it was so great to get out of the room and see the grounds etc.

I met her friend Sharon, gawwd she is so great. Ellen is so lucky to have a friend like that. When we were about to leave she crawled into bed with Ellen and gave her 100 smooches all over her face, she is something else. But you know me, the introvert I just rubbed her shoulder and told her I was so glad to meet her, and I would be back again. I brought some pretty pink flowers for her in a pink vase, and when I got there, she had her flowers organized on the table..pinks on the right, others to the left. So, she still has her organizational skills happening. I brought Curtis some candy, just so he can keep his strength up too.

I will go back to visit next Sunday and hopefully she will rally back a bit with all the med's. Because I would really like to talk to her when she is feeling a bit better. But, I don't know if that will happen. We always had promised to meet one day, but she never knew how she would be feeling from one day to the next, so that never happened....but that is that okay, we did today.

I felt exhausted when I left, I have been at this care facility more times than I care to remember. Both my uncle and aunt spent their last days there. It brought back so many memories going down those halls. I cried when I got to my car, for all of them. It just seems so unfair, that Ellen who is still so young has to go through this....she just looked so sweet and fragile when I saw her. I think I might have to talk to God tonight, and ask him..what's up with this? What? She fought soooooo damn long, and now it looks like the fight has gone out of her. But at the facility she is in do not stop trying to give her every opportunity to extend her life, that is always their first priority.

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