Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eclipse of the moon

I just saw it.  It was a beautiful night, clear and cold.  At first the moon  was huge round and very very blue because it was so cold.  Gradually as the night wore on an orange hue began to creep in on one side of the moon and kept on moving until it covered it.  

During the eclipse, the Earth will line up directly between the Sun and the Moon, which will be covered by the Earth's shadow.

Sunlight will pass through the edge of the Earth's atmosphere, scattering blue light and giving the Moon a reddish hue.

No one got hurt.  It was a good day on earth.  I had my binoculars out, and didn't even see a American Flag claiming victory.  Hilary must have been too tired. 

Now, it's coming back, and it's about half moon.  It was very interesting, I just wish we could have been outside, but it was too dang cold.  I mean that.  I can hardly open a door anymore, they are frozen shut.  Unfortunately my mouth still works. 

Time to hit my warm waterbed. 

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