Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I have a link ..don't kill me

I know I screwed up by saying I hate links. I meant and I will say this again, a multitude of links and strike outs after every frickin sentence pisses me off. But Lord, I didn't mean any harm. So, I so apologize. I'm a princess some days, but you have to admit too much of a good thing stinks. Link it...I will too, please don't take that as a put down on your blog. I will follow your links if I am interested, if there isn't more than twenty of them. You know what I mean, jellybean? amen. end of that discussion.

So, now that I have grovelled at your smelly feet. (Phew) I want to tell you about a neat web site I found yesterday. I know my geekness will show.

Have you ever wanted to get a picture or a file from your computer at home, while you are..let's say at work..shush. for free!

Well, now you can. Here is the link. Log Me In

I always listen to a radio show on Sunday mornings that have a lot of computer tips and tricks...and this one caught my ear.

You can see your computer at home from wherever you are, or you can hook up to your laptop at home if you aren't networked with your PC. We have been having issues at work with one of the guys that wants to use his laptop at home and tap into our main computer at work. But because the way our mickey mouse system is set up he hasn't been able to. Today he can. It works. I downloaded the program yesterday and was going to try it at work today, but duhhhhh..you have to leave your computer on at home. Fudge!! Just when I think I'm so smart, dumbassedness takes control. It's not easy being so dumb, I work hard at it. I think I have succeeded.

Here is a picture I took through my kitchen window this weekend when it was 5000 degrees below zero. A flock of birds (these are just a few) came to bask in the sunlight. I didn't know what they were called until today, when someone told me they were Bohemian Wax Wings. The picture isn't very clear because of the screen on my window, but they were just incredible to watch. I took a few pic's outside as well, and they were not scared of me at all, they just sat on the branches of the tree and sang their little hearts out. There had to be at least 50 of them in the yard.

Spring can't come soon enought. It is -25 again tonight. This is getting old. I still don't have the block heater in my truck fixed, so I guess I will have to get up at night and start it with my "command start," so that the engine is warmed up enough to start in the morning. Normally it would start even at these temps. but the wind has picked up, so it just makes it so much colder. I fed the wild bunnies that are in our backyard today. I put out cawwots and bread. Poor things, with this weather.

I hope this post has been informative yet not too anal. No(bad) swearing..did you notice? I'm trying to clean up my act.

Yours truly,


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