Sunday, February 17, 2008

happy time

I just sitting here trying to scrunch my ass in my nice comfy leather chair getting ready to rock and roll with you folks. I've got lot's to say baby. It's been way too long without the likes of me! I will have to take a break for supper soon, which will be the first time me and the plow boy have had "take out food" since last year. after the incident. I think I mentioned earlier that our gift cards from Tony Romo were expired. Gord took them back to Tony Roma's...and with the blink of an eye, they reinstated... all of them.. how nice is that? I ordered the regular slab, Gord only get's half a slab, but he wanted other greasy stuff, so he had to pick an choose..I'm still the boss.. Ohhhh here he is with the food...BRB. oh my it was worth the wait... I will be be back tomorrow....for sure. I mean it.

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