Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm drinking warm wine

Why, you ask? Because my fridge just met it's maker. It's a good thing it's cold outside baby, because I got a carafe sitting outside cooling it's ass of in the snow. Nothing worse than warm white wine.

Another good thing is...I'm married to an "Appliance Repair Technican" who is presently trying to fix it. It's only been half an hour since he pulled the whole fridge apart. And I am having serious reservations on how he conducts himself at the homes of his customers.

This story is coming to you from real life as it errupts.........where the hell is my web cam?

1.) He has said "fuck" about 30 times.

2.) He farted 3 times, and he's not even finished with the job.

3.) He made me take everything out of the side by side fridge/freezer (shelving at all) only to discover he could do it without taking all it out. It's all sitting in a snowbank.

4.) More farting, I think his pants are too tight

5.) Stepped on the dog's tail...more than once.. I removed the dog the from job site.

6.) His fucking fly is open ...lord his customers would like to see that..

I just tippy toed into the kitchen...and he is still troubleshooting. But it looks like I may have to put everything that was in the fridge/freezer, on the snow covered cold deck for tonight. I have an upright freezer downstairs, so the freezer part is okay. But the fridge part might be a problem. But, he is a smart guy, I'll bet he get's it fixed tonight, if he has the parts he needs in his truck.

Now, he is defrosting our "frost free" fridge because there was an ice build up behind the walls from the do hinky that was causing the problem....with my hair dryer.

Opps...the cord from the hair dryer to the fridge was too short, I had to run to the garage and get an extention cord. Silence now, except from the annoying noise of the hairdryer. I warned him beforehand, how hot, the hairdryer gets if you don't know how to use the controls, I expect a tragedy..soon. Very soon, I can smell plastic, but I have been told to "mine my bidness"...okay I will sit here and type and "mine my bidness." But, I feel tragedy in the air...I can smell it, along with the plastic toxins.

He has turned it off now. The smell of plastic is subsiding. It's very quite in the kitchen, do I go and check, or do I stay here and wonder? I am only a few feet away in my office.

Nope, he is talking to himself. I hear mutterings of ..well just muttering I can't quite hear it, because I have the TV in the kitchen on at decibal levels that would put a senior citizens ears on fire.

I did that because when I was making supper in the kitchen, the fridge was running SO LOUD, I could not watch the 6 o'clock news. That's when I realized I had had a fucked up fridge. FUF.

We always joke about his customers who say to him "my fridge is only 15 years old and it's not working... but my old fridge worked for 1,567 years and never gave me a moments grief." Yeah, well they just don't make that way anymore butt heads.

He managed to hit the my hanging lamp and put it askew..ewww and put all his dirty tools on my emmaculate kitchen table. Then I took my butcher knife and stabbed his tool kit. I don't like clutter, I don't like a warm fridge, I don't like shit like this that seems to happen every day. Can't we just have a DAY..where nothing happens, nothing to talk about, nothing, nadda. Have supper, watch TV and go to bed. Never happens around here, it's alway one drama after the other.

He got it going... but has to put a new fan motor in plus some other stuff...Gord rules, now get those ugly tools off my table and straighten out the lamp shade. I'm such an ungratefull bitch.

Gord's uncle died this weekend. Another drama story. My fingers just don't have the energy to tell you the story today. But it's long and boring. I will sum it up in a few days.

As it has been for a few days...spellcheck doesn't work. Bear with me.

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