Thursday, February 14, 2008

Harpy Valentimes Day to you'se

My nephew Damon always used to say Valentimes Day. I could have killed him. I corrected him 4,678 times and all I got was "whatever." He never tried to say it correctly! He also said bresfast instead of breakfast, which drove me even crazier. I used to take him camping when he was a little lad and told him, if you won't try to say BREAKFAST, you won't get any. He said "whatever." Little bastard.

So, now that he's all growed up with a wife and three kids, they made him sleep on a bed of nails until he could say Valentine and Breakfast. I am sure this morning he got up, and said to his wife, Happy Valentimes Day, what's for Bresfast"? That is really him, when they went to some kind of Torture Chamber on their holidays. Damon looks just like Gordon, but he is 3 feet longer.. a tall drink of water as they say, and a little thinner. I just noticed he has his mothers legs...she doesn't shave her's either. Sorry Sheila...heh.

Yet another day of punishing weather. I know, who likes to hear about ailments and weather all the time? Not I. But, I have no one else to bitch to. We are expecting another night of -35. I wouldn't mind if I could just hole up in the house, but alas I must bring in some bacon and have to go to work. Bacon..yummm. I mean the real stuff. Lately I have had cravings for stuff I normally don't even eat. I'm not a snacker. So, I think this cold weather really makes you want to eat. Fatten up. Just like dogs grow extra fur in the winter. Penny is a ball of fur. She has grown an extra inch in girth. It's all downy stuff underneath her regular fur. She is so soft, you could use her as a pillow. Silky soft.

This weekend I will treat Gord to some food other than my shit. I know he is sick and tired of eating at home. We should really go out once in awhile. But the control freak in me ...says...but how much salt, fat etc. is in that food? I have to let go, because if I don't I know he will get tired of it. I try to mix it up at home, and we eat good, and I know what's in it.

Last week, we discoverd we had about 200.00 dollars worth of Tony Roma's gift cards in a cupboard, which I had totally forgotten about after the "incident." Some were even before the incident, but I was worried about his weight even then and never used them. Then I forgot them entirely. Apparently, they loose their value if you don't use them in a timely manner.

Just to explain...everyone in the whole world knows I love nothing more than Tony Roma's Ribs, so they give me (us) the gift cards. They also know, I don't like going to restaurants and Tony Roma's delivers!! I can't believe I have such good friends who understand me. So, to make a long story short when I checked the cards on the internet I found two were expired and one had about 50% of it left on it. Apparently they charge you 2.50/mo. after a year if you don't use it. Also I had another one for about 75.00 from my a friend who just gave it to me this summer, so that one was safe. I felt soooooo bad. My sister in law Sheila had given the expired one to us after she had gone through a bad cancer scare with chemo, radiation and all the rest of it two years ago. This was her gift to us because Gord and I teemed up, and I would make supper every night for the two of us, but would make extra for her, then packed it up in containers and Gord would deliver it to her house next morning. We did this for 4 months. She appreciated it so much, she gave us the gift card with a beautiful card in appreciation of what we had done. The other one was from the mother of one of our tenants who always appreciated that Gord "plow boy" plowed her driveway without even having to ask. So....I was feeling really shitty about this. Here we just blew their money away.

So, after I told Gord what I had found out on the internet about these cards, he asked me to give them to him and he would go to Tony Roma's to see what he could do. I told him about the disclaimer telling you they will charge you 2.50/mo. after a year on the back of the card..what could he do? He said, watch me. I snickered.. and said Good luck Chuck! He came home tonight and plunked them down on the counter and said they were all reinstated. Good for Tony Roma's! But I think there is a law now that states all these gift cards must be honoured no matter what the date is or the stipulations on the back of them. Had Gord not asked, I would have believed the balance on the internet. So, if anyone has any expired cards out there, go and get them reinstated at the store. Don't believe what it says on the web site. After all the company has our money, whether we forgot to use it in the time frame stipulated, I would think most companies would have their accounting set up to enable them to know how many cards were sold and how many were used, thereby being able to project for the next year how many more might come in. I know there is a law this year in our city that their is no time limit on the cards you buy now.

Now, the problem do we eat $200.00 worth of ribs? It will be okay, now that we know we don't have to eat them all in one night and explode. That's not how I had planned on going down.

Well, my Valentime was gone to bed, I guess I should join him and the dawg.

I'ts a long weekend here this weekend....that is all I can think about. Time off..sleep..fart at reading a book in front of the fireplace..annoy the my new drink wine..fart some more.. and never set foot outside until it warms up, because this cold snap is more than a body can take.

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