Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I know, I've been missing in action

I have been doing the family newsletter.  I  hope those ungratefull brats are happy.  Of course Ms. Dell had to give me problems over the weekend...apparently she is having her periods and that causes her to loose her virtual memory.  Delliaha, as I call her has the altziemers and needs some ram shoved up her ass.  I will do that.  I hope someone will do that for me when I loose my memory...but I would appreciate it if they didn't shove it my ass.  I'm thinking of some miracle drip they can give me in my IV.  Ya know, I like it gentle.  Morphine would be good. 

I just invented a soup recipe.  We will be taste testing in  a few minutes.  If it's good enough I will will put it on balonies site.  It's pretty crazy.. I put leeks in it.  No, I did not take the leak in it.  But I could have. 

I'm crazy.  I need help.  

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