Monday, February 04, 2008

Hippychick has loaded me up with pics

So, it's a win win situation, you won't have to hear the drivel that usually eminates from my big fat mouth. Don't relax just yet, I might just say something stupid. After all, I wouldn't want to break my own record. And while I'm at it..let me spel something wrong..Okay done.

So, as I said many blog moons ago, hippychick moved to the country. She still works in the city until May, but lives in her country estate from Thursday to Sunday until she retires in May.

Okay..I got that out the way again. She is slowly making this home her own. She is so talented and has more power tools than a Journeyman Carpenter....and knows how to use them. I sort of snickered when she took a night course in Carpentry at our Community College, because before that she was taking hula dancing lessons and I didn't really want to see her hula dancing, you know what I mean? It's like your "folks" doing it! We have been friends for a trillion years, and I couldn't grasp it. But, of course I am the computer geek in the friendship while she has so many other interests. Mine don't involve getting off my ass, her's do. She will outlive me. I just hope she will be at my bedside when I am ill, and shave my moustache when those long bastard hairs interfere with my breathing tube. That's what friends are for.

I will there for her if she put's a nail in her head after using the ole Nail gun. Or if she accidentally saws off her her basement all by herself, and almost bleeds to death, before finally climbing up 45 stairs, gets to the phone, and calls for help...and only realizes the nearest help is like 40 miles away. No, this doesn't stress me out, it only adds to my admiration of her. She is her own person. And a friend I really admire, and I'm so sorry I am such a weak kneed friend, I just don't have her balls.

So here for your viewing enjoyment are some of the pics she sent me from the country, and some of the reno's she was doing... in This Old House. Plus Christmas pic's of a horse and carriage passing by her house and pictures of her backyard in winter.

The Gazebo in her back yard in winter.

Horse and carriage

Horse going back the other way. Isn't it a postcard picture? I'm saving it for next Christmas.

Her front room.

This weekend she framed all the windows, and built a window seat and bookcase underneath it. Would you believe the top of the window seat is part of a piano she found? Ever the dumpster diver...heh. She painted the rooms a few weeks ago, and now she is framing windows and building window seats with storage areas underneath it. I just know she will get a cat once she lives there permanently...every cat needs a window seat.
Did you notice the moon above the church next door? Isn't that beautiful.

She made all the casing for these windows too, plus the baseboards. And here I was worried she would get a nail in her head. Obviously she knows how to do shit.

This is just a transition pic from the front room to the kitchen.

I posted some pics of her house shortly after she moved in June, and she has got so much done already. I know she has a shit load of stuff planned for this summer.

Good job my friend. One weekend when the weather get's better I will have to come over, we will crank up a little Janis Joplin, sip some wine and check out the weed (s) in your garden. Unless you have a septic tank problem, then I'll be heading back home because I'm still a city girl at heart. :)

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