Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I laughed my pants off yesterday

I had to go to the Insurance Agency down the street to renew my driver's licence yesterday after work. I pulled into the strip mall, which is fairly large and has a lot of stores in it. As I was pulling into a parking space beside the Insurance office, a lady was coming out of Staples with a big bag. I guess I should tell the back story, the wind was about 1456 miles an hour that day. And it was colder than a whore's heart. The wind could have froze the balls off a brass monkey. Now I hope I have offended everyone on the planet. Anyhopple...

Just as I had parked my truck, I noticed the wind had taken a ladys receipt out her hand and started to blow it around the parking lot. She went running after it. The wind was not her friend. The wind swept the receipt to the right, then to the left, then to the left again, and then to the right, as she was scrambling after it. It was funny as hell. She could not catch that receipt. Everytime she almost had it in her hand, it would go the other way. I got out of my truck and thought maybe I should help her. By this time she was way down the parking lot, and another lady who had just come out of another store saw her dilemma and started chasing the receipt with her. They could not corner it. Every time they got close to it, it would go the other way. to see these ladies trying to corner a receipt. The receipt wasn't flat. It was one of those receipts that are all curled up, therefore making the wind playful. "Wind" had such a blast with these two...he played with them for about 5 minutes..I swear! And took them through his hoops.

Then finally I saw the one lady stomp her foot on it, and when she bent down to get it..."Wind" played another trick on them and it took off. And it went under a parked car. heh. I couldn't hear them anymore because they were way down the parking lot, but I could see the body language, the receipt lady was telling the helpful lady that she could go home, she would get the receipt herself, and there was a few thankful gestures. I waited....I wanted to know how she was going to the receipt from under the car. She didn't have to...wind did it for her, and it got her scurring in a new direction. Now "Wind" thought it would be playfull if he put it under every car in the parking lot. The lady was on her hands and knees under the bumpers of the cars trying to scoot the receipt in her direction. "Wind" on the other hand had a better idea. Let's toss this son of bitch in the air. She almost had was so close..but it kept on flying up high in the air and then it fell back on the pavement. This poor woman must have really wanted that receipt. She obviously had just bought something she might have to return.

Finally it landed between two cars and "Wind" couldn't get at it anymore and the lady stomped on it again...and "bingo" the marathon was over. She got her receipt. And now she can take back that shit her husband told her not to buy. I'm thinking that why she ran her ass off.

It was way to funny. It took the edge of our -30 degree weather. Man she must have froze her ass off running after it.

I still have a grin on my face thinking about it.

I got few new recipes up at cooking with balonie if you are so inclined.

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