Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gosh I hate the way my blog looks

Yep, it's time to for a change. It's just toooooo blahhhhhaaha. I no likey. I'm putting that on my "what to do list" for next week. ..and don't forget to buy coffee.

I don't think I wished Mary Lou a Happy Birthday this year. Happy sixty two..Mary Lou!! Man I am so much older than you ummm 4 months. I'm trying to work back in my mind when our parents "did it"...but that grosses me out.

I still can't believe my parents EVER had sex. I remember after my dad died, mom told me she missed her best friend, partner, and lover...and then I fainted. OMG ... you guys weren't doing it in your 70's? I know she was pissed when he had his prostrate problems and I guess that was the end of that. At the time I never thought they ...were doing it. I feel like fainting again. My God, they had three children, wasn't that enough? And they had to keep on "doing it"? ..for no good reason???? I don't know, but it just makes me want to cross my legs.

I went on a shopping expedition yesterday. I actually got up EARLY on a Saturday morn, got my house in order, and went shopping. I have two gift certificates to blow. One was from Mark's Work Warehouse . Apparently at Christmas, all the jeans size 10 were under someone else's tree, and the store only had sizes 2-4-8 and 22 left. It was a mighty blow. I found a pair of size 8 I really liked, and convinced myself I could actually fit into them. Just as an aside... I don't know why the clerks always give me the handicapped change room? But, hey I like the extra room and I don't have a wheelchair or a pair of crutches to contend with; I just do a little happy dance before I take my pants off. Well, you know...the jeans almost fit. Not as comfortably as I would have liked them to. I like a little breathing room between me and the waistband. It was a little snug. And as I was preening in front of the mirror, convincing myself these jeans that look so good on me, would be comfortable while sitting at work for 7 hours a day, I bought them. I took them home, tried them on again, and I had no movement in my hind quarters unless I took baby steps. I love the low rise jeans because I have a short space between my waist and crotch and usually they fit great. These were obviously made for someone size 8..not 10 or 12. I love Old fart jeans they have this huge gap between the waist and crotch, and you can air you privates when need be. is getting on my last nerve..........I hate shopping!!! I can't stop telling you just how much I hate it.

Okay, so I guess you got the picture.

Well, I'm going to give you some linky love again for balonies blog. That woman never stops cooking. She actually made her balonie Christmas tree ornaments today. Lazy bitch. And because I started this blog for her I added some comfort food recipes to help her out. I'm good like that.

Here it is....Cooking with Balonie

Have a nice day.


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Donna said...

How funny!!!! I couldn't even begin to imagine my parents...and "that"...LOL Have a happy day!