Monday, January 28, 2008

Five things about me...

Donna asked me do a meme about 5 things about me.

Well, I pondered it for awhile, then decided there was nothing anyone here doesn't already know about me. I have been very selective in what I share. So, what is to tell?

I pondered and yawndered. Got a glass of wine, to see if I could loosen up and tell stories from yonder years that would "shake your soul." But there was way more than five of them, and I couldn't choose which one because they all involved drugs, sex and rock and roll, and I wanted everyone to think so much better of me. Did I ever tell you I tried to hit on Joe Cocker when he was leaving the stadium at a concert. It's okay, nothing happened, he waved at me. (after security saw me) only because I was nakid...jest kiddin... I was wearing my Ankh necklace, and reeked of Patchouli. Yeah, weren't those the days my friends. I still want Joe to sing to me.

Okay, seriously here are 5 things. Don't fall asleep.

1.) I hate clutter, it makes me mutter and sputter. When I find to much stuff around me it makes me crazy. There is nothing in my house that isn't functional and can't be used on a day to day basis. If there is, I start to twitch, and then I get the throw it away, or give it away. I need my space. Stuff that is not used on a daily basis has a room, I call it..the room for stuff we don't use on a daily basis. I'm sensible like that. Out of sight .. out of mind I say. Just like the furniture, not too much in one room or my right eye starts to droop. I know!!! It's stupid. And it makes the photo's I sent to "Playboy" on a regular basis look a little .. how you say, cockeyed...but that is what I thought they wanted. Hef never gave me a call. Oh well.

2.) I hate talking on the phone. I do that all day at work, and I hate it there. I just don't have the patience for it when I get home, but I can ramble on for hours on the Internet... I guess this is a more controlled environment where I can think before I talk. Lord, has that ever happened?

3.) I know everyone knows this one.... I hate being hugged. Especially by those I don't know to well. I have been getting better at this in the last few years... I have endured the hugs, but I really hate anyone in my personal space except my husband and my family. I trust them with the hug. I love it when my nieces and nephews... or anyone in the family gives me the "big one." Other than's awkward. At Christmas when I was at my brother's house, his brother in law tried to hug me. I almost broke his nose...I was sitting on the couch when he came up for the it was looming..I shook his hand, brought him down to my level and tried to kiss his cheek. He wasn't expecting it. He moved his head, I moved mine and fortheloveofkissincousins I damn near took his nose off!! I'm just not good at the formalities.

4.) I'm a worrier. I worry, the "worry." That's how much I worry. And worry is getting tired of me. I can't seem to stop myself, unless I sit down and write a blog, or get in my truck and take off for awhile, or have a half a gallon of wine. I love going to work. When I am busy I can get focused on what I have to do and forget the worry some parts. But, I guess that comes with aging and when you can clearly see that you are the last of a generation. To bad we couldn't have had kids. It would make this time of life a little more interesting with the grands.

5.) I am afraid of Doctors. Very afraid. I will do anything in my power to avoid a Doctor. I generally try to heal myself. It comes from my mother, she didn't like going to doctors either, and that has ruined me for life.

Okay let's put #4 and #5 in perspective......mother worried until she had ulcers and hated doctors...this isn't really about me anymore is it? Well yes it is, but suddenly as I was writing a light came on. And if I may go back to #3, she wouldn't hug or kiss anyone not even me. She was a good mother, but not affectionate.

I think I have just saved myself an appointment with a shrink. Mind you...balonie could use a little mental help.

Perhaps I have told you a little more than you needed to know.

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