Sunday, January 06, 2008

So, okay... I have a confession to make, I lost my entire post on Live Writer on Friday night. I was somewhat pissed off, I damn near shit myself. And of course it was one of my most finest entries ever. It was my fault. You have to go into options and let it know that the draft has to be saved every 3-4-5 etc. minutes. So, I still like it, but holy moly we almost broke up. Like anything else you got to get read the fucking instructions. Which leads me to my new printer. With my Christmas bonus I bought a "all in one" Canon printer. I think I have already mentioned that. In the past I have always been a HP printer man/woman. I thought I would deviate a bit and give Canon my $59.99. Hey big spender! Anywho I'm totally in love with Canon, but of course I did not read the instructions, because I am way too smart. Just like with Live Writer, I forgot a step in the installation and started pissing my drawers because it doesn't work. Then I lost the power cord to my digital camera. I lost the USB cable to the computer for the camera two weeks ago. I found it behind Gord's filing tray on his desk. I guess I thought I would remember it would be in such a convenient location. Gawwd. Today .... as I searched and searched for the power cord, I finally found it .... yes you guessed it ... I put it there too. What the hell in wrong with me? Why didn't I look there first?


It's been the clean up weekend here at El Spazo. Saturday I took the tree down, yeah I took er down all right, I won. I'm pretty sure none of those prelit lights will work next year. I was surprised however, how organized I had become this Christmas. Usually I am weeping with the clean up. But, I brought up three boxes, carefully chucked all the ornaments, villages, wreaths and Nativity scenes in them and stored them away. Cold....yeah probably....but man I just can't get sentimental about this anymore. The stores will have more of them next year if I broke them. I have a few special things I take care of from my mom and sister in law, but the rest are ..bling.

Then, I brought out my new vacuum cleaner I bought in a few weeks ago...Gayclean. To swoop up the mess left from the festivities. Gayclean has a mouth like a big ole catfish, and almost sucked up the dog. I can't believe this vacuum cleaner. He/she is a keeper.

Today I continued the cleaning frenzy. 6 loads of laundry my friends. Two more to go next week, because I ran out of steam. Everything is this house is washed. Even Gord's housecoat, which I always forget. It was so mild out today, I finally got outside in the backyard and played with Penny. But, I was still in a cleaning mode, and I took tons of snow and rubbed her down...and cleaned her up. She smells so fresh. Better than a bath anytime.

I am such a spoiled brat. I got a "Command Start" for my Explorer for Christmas. Seriously it is the best thing ever!! I should have taken pictures, but I'm to lazy now. You get a key chain with a small display unit on it, and when you press the button to start your car, it beeps, and on the display you can see a replica of a car with smoke coming out the tail pipe, and you know your engine is running from any point you are standing. This will be so great, because this year I can't get my truck into the garage, because (someone) I won't mention names has it full of CRAP, So, in the morning before I go to work, I just punch in the little zzz thing and my truck is raring to go and warm and toasty when I get in. I will probably only use it only when it gets really cold, because the price of gas is getting crazy, but sometimes.... I just put it on because I like to watch that little car on the display puff away when I press the button. La la la la .. and then press the door opener close. Joy. La la la...I thinks I needs me some mental help.

I got some recipes coming up in balonies blog soon, but with all the sucking up and laundry this weekend I had to just flapping my gums on here seemed easier. I can't believe she is going to make tree ornaments out of baloney...(Christmas is over stupid) Hopefully by the time she posts, it could get a little better. It will happen.


Brenda said...

Send some of that energy down this way.

AndiePandie said...

I still have to take my stuff down. It was put up so late that I'm hesitant to take it down already. However with the weather in the effing 60s, I think I just might.

Donna said...

It was warm here to. 70*'s. That sounds like a Whole lotta Work! Glad you're getting your computer and printer set up. That's a lot of work to! Have a peaceful night!

Special K said...

Your vacuum cleaner is seriously called Gayclean?

That's funny to me.

You know what else is funny? Losing your post on Live Writer. Seriously.

Joan said...

Andie...holy moly the effing 60's so warm for me, so cold for you.

Donna, I am so looking forward to don't know. I used to love winter, but I got over that.

Special K, Well I was going to call him Kleanguy...but it didn't work...and I also know you love it when I fuck up...but at least I TRY new shit. And I'm gonna do it until I get it right..nah nah

canuckabilly said...

Well it's always nice to come over here and see that you are still perfectly insane as most of us are. Gayclean eh? Ain't goin' there.