Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm still loving Live Writer

And no, Microsoft did not make me their bitch.  And should they approach me I might just let them...hey I'm easy.  Guess what, all I have to do is press one little button "view" to see how this will look after I am finished...without hitting the dreaded "Publish" key and then see that all my pictures are out of line, and I have made some major spelling errors which either I didn't catch or spell check didn't. It's so much easier for ME, maybe not you, to see it live before publishing.  If I screw up after all of that I deserve a kick in the butt. I type way to fast, and I sometimes have problems with on and one, of and off, etc. and can't proof read until I read the real thing............and shake my head when it's show time.  Mind you, I make no promises I will probably do it again...but this feels so much more comfortable. 

My wonderful friend Brenda noticed I didn't know how do a proper link to my new Cooking with Balonie site and showed me the way to do it right.  I knew there was a better way because I see everyone doing it...but sadly I was to lazy to figure it out. 

Hey...let's try it out...Cooking with Balonie

Hopefully I did it right.  I know this is probably stupid, but I am really going to try to post some real recipes on there when that circus bitch isn't looking.  Mennonites, Hutterites, Ukrainians gather round for some good down home recipes.. and for the rest of you... meh. Sushi, I can't give you.  I have cookbooks from all of these cultures that explain how these recipes came about.  I should be interesting.  Stick around. And if "you know who" raises her ugly be it.  I have a big stick.

I'm hitting matter what, I like this program....and thanks Microsoft for the check. 


Anonymous said...

I initially thought the post title link was odd, but love the post/comments opening at the same time in a single window!


Brenda said...

It's looking good on both sites Miz Joan. And yer linking works good too!

Joan said...

oops JimBob they might not now that I took down my New years template. gahhhhh

Bobbie said...

I haven't heard of Live Writer...I'll have to look into it. I find it so frustrating to have a post ready to publish and then Blogger eats it.

Enjoy your weekend.

special k said...

Whaddaya know. A different template.

Joan said...

Special K...are you stalking me?