Sunday, January 27, 2008

joanie balonie is feeling sad

I spent two days of my weekend scanning over 100 pictures for the family newsletter, and trying to find a way to put them up on my sidebar as a slideshow. I still haven't got that working the way I would like. Does anyone have an idea? I used the google one, and it's the shits.

What do I get? A kick in my skinny ass. 4 out 8 responded. That does not make a newsletter my friends. That makes shit.

I am so disappointed. I gave them two warnings...gentle one's...well, I may have said "I will come over and kick you ass" if you don't respond by today...but it was in jest.

Maybe I should just let this thing take a dirt nap. I was so pumped this weekend because I just love doing it; I failed to recognize that everyone is am I...but I would have made the time for all of them if they were doing the newsletter. What does it take to send a few words and a pic. And if you are even a better person, send lots of words and lots of pics.

I'm pissed.

Now half of them will be waiting for the newsletter to be posted tonight and the other half are sitting there with their fingers up their ass.

I'll get over it...time for supper.

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