Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Now that I got a lot of pic's scanned

And some of my family don't seem to care, I might just weed out a few of them for your viewing enjoyment, or not. I will just pick a few at random. Most of them are really old.

If you see my pic on the sidebar, you will see that I have not changed a bit.

Sit back, get out some popcorn and go back to the olden days when polyester ruled.

I'm the one on the left.

This was probably 1959, I remember getting the "sweater set" for Christmas, plus the lovely necklace. I was wearing my "bobby socks" .. and my "White Bucks"...for those who are uneducated in oldenest...Pat Boone made these shoes popular. They are just barely showing. They felt like suede, but I don't think they were. I loved them more than anyone in this generation could love Reebok's. I had to polish them up all the time with white shoe polish. I think we all had the same shoes on, but mine were always dirty, because I came from the country and my cousins were city folk. We didn't have sidewalks. We were the country folks of the bunch.

My cousins Frances and Linda are on my right, and cousin Chris is below with her new Christmas doll. She had a patch on her eye at the time, because she had a "lazy" eye. At least that was the talk at that time...I don't really remember.

The bro and me, in front of our house in Altona. I had just finally started to like him after he was born. I had no use for that little begger for his first few years. But he grew on me like a fungus.

This time I am on the right with my cousins..being too sexy for my shorts. I don't know where those hats came from.

The bro and I again... I knocked out his missing tooth, the tooth fairy had nothing to do with it. But, it was an accident. We were fun fighting in mom and dad's bed in the background and I clipped him with my knee on a tooth that was already loose. The story went on forever, Joan bust Garry in the mouth and knocked out his tooth. Lies!! ... or maybe not. heh. Can you imagine that all of us slept in one room...this room... a very little room. Mom and Dad in the big bed, Garry in a converted crib on side of the room and me in a cot on the other side. In later years they took the cot out because it was too crowded and I slept on the pull out sofa in the living room. I slept in their bed until they went to bed and they carried me to the sofa. When I was eleven we moved to a new house and I had my own room.

This is a picture of my bedroom, but not a good one, in the new house, because my pesky brother is in it...bastard.. and he tipped over my fav plush animal on my bed. bastard again. I think those were my fav pyjamas beside "Fi Fi" who was tippled over.. the polka dot PJ was the top (that is shown) and the bottoms were black with feet in them...you know what I mean. They almost looked like tights, just a little roomier. I remember I wore them out until there were holes in the feets part.

My bed was still mom and dad's old one from the little house. But I loved it. I had it all to myself.

Notice the picture of Ricky Nelson above my bed. I loved Ricky. Garry was probably in my room looking for my diary...lord he was a bad ass, I could never keep it hidden. I'm surprised I didn't knock some more teeth out his face.

That's enough for tonight...because most of other pics were of extended family and I am sure that would not be of interest to anyone. I have tons a pic's of my family and me which should be scanned one day. I will get to it. I loved going back in time this weekend. I just remembered I have some pictures when I was a cheerleader, ...gotta find them. You will laugh.

But if you want to see lots of pic's of immigrants..Italians, Germans and Mennonites who met and married and formed our family in Winnipeg... in the early 1950's I can do that.

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