Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Cooking with balonie it is!

I have had way to much time on my hands lately....as you will see. I'm gonna give that ole pioneer lady a run fer her money. She runs a Cow ranch, I run a moose ranch...my only trouble is I don't have 500.00 bucks to give to you if you put the best caption on a picture I have taken. That will come...but the money won't. I'm thinking about regifting, I have a wrench set that hasn't got a home yet. Maybe tomorrow on....http://cookingwithbalonie.blogspot.com/

God I am an ass. I hope the Pioneer Woman doesn't find me. Okay...who would like a calender of my mooses.


Brenda said...

Put me on the calendar list!

I'm going over to check your food site.

Anonymous said...

It ain't $500.00 we're looking for!

If ya just move the radix point over a couple... (HINT HINT)

JimBob was here (sans Kilroy).