Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It just took a turn of events...

And I'm feeling so much better. The flu has flown the coup..all that was left this morning was a cough that probably woke the neighbours...but other than that I'm feeling pretty good.

The tenant has moved out!!! He is history. We have the little house back!!

I found out today, we are having our Boxing Day dinner BROUGHT IN!! My brother in law..god bless him, arranged it. Angel man must have found his address and sat on his head! Because I tried to get this restaurant to do it, but the Manager said I had to order from the menu and everyone would get separate dishes...and that is not what I wanted...I wanted a whole pile of food in huge foil pans, and I would dole it out. Ron (Gord's Bro) called the owner of the restaurant yesterday. He had used them several times for his employee Christmas parties, and they always made up whatever he asked for. So, that's all it took, and I am now free to enjoy the Martin Christmas without cooking. But of course now I am fretting over the little stuff...you know ..snacks and stuff. My SIL told me on Saturday I shouldn't get my shit tied in a knot with trying to please the kids....she says they never eat a meal at Christmas...just give them some buns and pickles...and they are fine. They are too busy playing to give a crap. And I do remember last Christmas..none of them ate anything worth a shit...they were to busy having fun. But, I am sure they will like the food we are bringing in none the less. I will have buns and pickles ready...just in case. That is the way I rollssssssss.

Now that I don't that to worry about, I can worry about our dinner with my family on Sunday. What the hell would I do if I didn't have anything to stress over....

Shhhhh...I have a secret stress......we have been throwing out old furniture in lieu of building a new house next summer...now I only have one sofa left in the living room + a hard assed rocking chair. Where are all the people going to sit, I say to myself? Well, I have 4 very nice comfy lawn chairs I put down the basement in the fall. They can sit on those. But, once I go down into the basement and find them, I find they are full of bug shit and grubbiness that one doesn't really notice in summer.. there is not a cleaning agent that will remove it. It's not that they are really dirty, but the elements have taken their toll.

So, either I put the lights down low, and use these comfy chairs...or the people ...they sit on the floor. Our Tanta Tina is 94, if she sits on the floor, it might take a fork lift to get her back up.....!!! Of course we could let her sit on the sofa. But only if she behaves herself and doesn't try anything funny. She is great lady, I'm looking forward to seeing her again. I know I have painted a ugly theme here, but it's not really...we will fit everyone in, plus we have the upstairs level where everyone gathers in the kitchen and another family room. I just sweat everything way too much.

The kid's disappear down into the second level of the house where we have two bedrooms, bath etc....and then into their fav place...the lower level the "wreck room".

This year I have set up a little game for them. Called..."find the quarter"..... I will have about 70 quarters (.25) because we are cheap...down there..hidden..and they have to find them...and the one that comes back up with the LEAST amount quarters wins a prize. Lets see how greedy they get...heh... I know...I am messing with their heads....I love that...

Let's just see how the older cousins help the little ones who don't quite get it. But in any case there is a prize for everyone in case they start to cry or something. Can you tell I never had kids? I might have spank all of them if they don't play the game right. Oops...don't take me to court....I will put them in a naughty seat instead and tie them up with duct tape...!! Just kiddin...their parents will be here.

Then on Sunday I will get to do this all over again with no little kids yet...but with my family. But I will harrass my nieces....auntie joannie holds no favorites...but in their case I might have to hide 10.00 dollars bills in the basement, they wouldn't go down there for a quarter.

I would like to take this time to wish everyone that has wanderered in here and read my blog and left some comments, thanks for letting me know I'm not just talking to myself.

Joanie Balonie
Merry Christmas my friends.


JUST A MOM said...

Hey your not talkin to your self... It just might take me a bit to get here. Thanks for stoppin did I tell you that already?? well if I did thanks again,, have a great time with your family..

cocoabean said...

eh you know I read.. I just don't always comment. I DO enjoy reading you!! Have a good Christmas!

Bobbie said...

A very Merry Christmas to you. Enjoy all the festivities!

Dorie said...

Merry Christmas! Go to bed early so Santa Angelman will get there!

Sally said...

I can't wait to find out what you do to the nieces this year!! You're a big softee ya know, and yeah a quarter wouldn't do it!!


Brenda said...

I'd go down for quarters, but hey, that's just me. :-)

The families will have a great time at your place. They always do cause they love the time spent with you.

Merry Christmas sweet friend!