Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Spent the whole day...

Organizing my pictures in "My Pictures"....what a bloody mess I had going on in there. I deleted at least a hundred or two. Who needs three pictures of your dog doing the same thing?...or pictures of the same tree taken three years in a row. Yup, I always think it looks beautiful in fall every year and take another picture of it....just like everything else out back. Digital is good, but man it can clutter your mind and computer given the chance. I cringed every time I hit delete, but I still haven't emptied my waste basket...you know..just in case I change my mind.

Hippychick just sent me two pictures of us taken at the first Christmas dinner.

Did I just swallow a bug?

It seems I have just sat on a whoopee cushion. Or the burpmaster. I can't see where Hippychicks hand is.

Here is daddy moose (Clive) and his widdle moose kidlet. I finally named "her" today, because it would be unseemly to leave a baby moose without a name for 5 days. I named her "Douche the Moose." Daddy is taking good care of the little douche bag...heh...and keeps an eye on her all day.

I know I'm so bad, but I couldn't help myself.

Tomorrow I am finally coming out of seclusion and going outside. I have had enough rest and find the need to see other people. I really need to get out of here. I might even drop into work to see whats shaking there. Retirement is looming in two years, good heavens what will I do with myself! The walls are closing in on me. I guess it would be different if it was summer, but having a lot of time off in the middle of winter is a little claustrophobic.

For my New Year's post:
I was reading Brenda's blog today and she took a line out of each month of this year she wrote on her blog to celebrate another years passing in 2008. I will do that tomorrow too. I like that idea. I don't normally go back a re-read stuff, so it should be interesting what I find there.


Sally said...

You and Hippy Chick look like two peas in a pod. It's so wonderful to have a good friend like that.

Happy New Year (almost). I'll be babysitting and staying out of trouble. :)

Brenda said...

Happy New Year Miz Joan! I'll be babysitting too and I betcha I'll be more entertained than the parents will.

I'll for sure be back tomorrow to relive memories of your year.

Donna said...

HAHAhahaaa....I love the one of you laughing! Geez, retirement in 2 yrs??? I'm SO envious....
Happy New Year Sweetheart!!hughugs

JUST A MOM said...

hey you rest,, that post sounds like a cool thing to do maybe I will to. have a great new year.