Monday, December 15, 2008

Just call me Joanie Balonie a great..........

Well, guess what?

I said guess!..... I don't hear anything... guess harder than that!!

Okay then, I'm going to be ummm a ... I really don't niece is HAVING A BABY! The first one on my side of the family. Gord's nieces have all procreated and have kids...but this is the first for me. My mother, if she had lived would be a great grandma. I will be the great grandma then.

I come from a really small family compared to Gord's and my bro and I got married later in life, so things aren't starting to happen until now. Cheri is almost 30, and is having her first child. I can't tell you how excited I was yesterday when my SIL Joan told me. Yes, I have a SIL named Joan, and she has my old sir name. Confused?...well because she married my brother. Get it! But she isn't a Joannie Balonie....I do the bullshitting the family. Glad I straightened that out.

Anyway, I am so happy that our family is getting bigger. Finally. I sure hope Cheri's first one isn't going like she was when she was widdle....colic....OMG...the crying and shit. Why do you think I never had kids? Gord's nieces and nephews were pretty loud and obnoxious after they were born. We just looked at each other one day and said, I don't think this for us.

We preferred to come home to a quite house after work, sit down and have a beverage, then a quite supper and watch TV ..other than changing diapers and rolling around in shit. I mature were we?

But we made our own misery in those days so long ago. We bought houses, and properties, won some wars and lost others. Partied. Had a lot of fun. And watched the kidlets grow up. Then we grew up along with them. So, now that all that crying and shitty diaper stuff has died down and they are all grown ups, I'm willing to go back for more. I think I just became an adult. It took 63 years, but hey....I get to teach this kid what I taught the others. That is going to be so much fun. The new generation of parents are going to hate me again. heh.. But let's face it...I will never become an adult.

Nothing says Christmas better than buying your niece or nephew a set of drums.. or anything that is loud... or messy ..that is my motto. I might not buy dartboards anymore, because ...seriously that could some one's eye out. I kid..sort of.

This is turning out to be a better Christmas than I imagined.

And it's cold out here....if you care....-30c with a wind chill of -43. It's usually mild before Christmas but this is frigging unreal. I'm turning into a prune. It is so dry my fingers are starting to crack. I'm swimming in a pool of lotion. Hopefully my truck will start tomorrow, I have it plugged in...but this is way out there...

The good thing is we are safe and warm in our house...but I'm wondering about Penny....can she hold that shit any longer? ... I might find a present in the house tomorrow, and I won't blame her.


Brenda said...

Congrats Grandma/Great Aunt Joan! I hope you'll be posting photos of the little one.

You must buy the child a singing, dancing Elmo! It's a surefire way to drive any parent totally insane! I know this from experience.

Curtis said...

That's right buy the loudest toy you can Poor Penny. Maybe you should get her some depends

Dorie said...

Will Penny tolerate a coat? Vera's fur is so short, she has a couple for when we're outside for a long time.
Congrats on the grandbaby. It's lots of fun when you get to know the little one, and realize you've seen that face before....and it's an aunt or a favorite cousin. Love that DNA!

Donna said...

Much Happiness to you Joan!!! A new little life! There's Nothing better!!! Stay safe and Warm!!!hughugs

Sally said...

How exciting!! I'm happy for all of you. :)

Now I'll know another YOUNG great grandma besides myself. hahahaha

Joan said...

The dog took a shit outside...all is well.