Monday, December 22, 2008

Sweet and Sour

Now how in the hell did that happen? That angel can't stay away from me. We broke up ..twice!! But he caught me at a weak moment.

I think he wants me to follow him to heaven. Because I have just caught the most vicious flu bug, evAR. I was thinking about going "upstairs" today, because this shit is ugly man. I just want to snuggle in his feathers and let him take me. But, as fate would have it, I apparently wasn't sick enough to take a dirt nap. So, I just have to ride the bitch out.

Did I tell you I have two...yes two... Christmas dinners to host within two days of each other.........
As usual I had my head up my ass again. Sometimes I never think things through. Plus all the other crap going on.

That asshole tenant of ours is still giving us grief, even after the court ordered him out of our rental house. Yesterday he finally came back to get his stuff out of the house (after we had changed the locks). And he called the police. We had a sign posted on the door telling him to call us when he was ready to move and we would let him in to get his shit. The stupid bastard called the cops. He hasn't been there for over three weeks, and we didn't even know if he was ever coming back. Now he was pissed off. It was a nigh mare. Gord was plowing snow in the back lanes of our shop and behind the rental house when this all occurred, so it was a good thing he was around. When the cops came, he was ranting at Gordon calling him a slum landlord (oy...and we have been trying to help this guy out since October). The cops told him to shut the F up and just get his crap out of the house. This was at 4:30 in the afternoon. We had to be at my company Christmas Party at 5:00.....Gord was so upset and didn't want to even go because he didn't trust what this guy was going to do in the house.

I finally convinced him to come home, and get ready and we would go back to the house after the party which was only a few blocks away. Which we did, and saw that he was actually moving stuff. We were still very unsettled whether he would do some damage to the house because the guy is a total prick. But we came home because I was sick, and Gord was unsettled about everything, so we didn't have a good nights sleep.

This morning I felt terrible so I stayed home from work. Gord came home at lunch time and said he went over to the house and the guy had stayed there overnight because he hadn't finished moving because HE DIDN'T HAVE A KEY...and didn't want to get robbed. No, we didn't give him a key....but who in the hell would want any of that crap in that house anyway..........just go away asshole.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh...I am ranting...I am so pissed off that this all has to happen on the holidays and I am sick....

Okay enough of woe is me. Angel Man and I are back together again, he promised to stay faithful and is perched on my shoulder as we speak. He promised me the best Christmas ever. So, I gotta believe him, because I'm reaching here.

Our Christmas Party (dinner theater) last night had it's own unsettling moments. One of our guys "Steve"..his mother has been in and out of hospital for Chemo treatments for her cancer for the last 4 months. Last week after being at home for some length of time had to go back in because she was weak and couldn't hold down any food. The doctors were optimistic because she had been doing so well, and they were just going to get her strength back up for the next round. She went into the hospital last week, and then at the party... Steve got the call she had died.

I was devastated for him and his wife. They never saw it coming. They knew there were some obstacles to overcome, but they were sure there would be more time. Gord and I were already in no mood for a party, and when I was just coming back from the bathroom I met them at the door, and they were both sobbing, I didn't realize what had taken place until I got back to the table. This really broke my heart.

Just after that dinner was served..... our tables were very subdued. But the party went on. As life does no matter what. You just don't walk out of dinner theater I guess, I wanted to because I had no appetite after that, plus all the crap that was going on with us.....which of course was minor to what Steve was going through.

When we got home, we were talking and Gord was going on about this asshole in the house etc...and I just said to him...yeah, this is a major inconvenience and it pisses me off too, but let's just think of Steve who just lost the love of his life...his mother. We still have each other and what's left of our own families, lets be grateful for that. We have been in his shoes, and we know what it feels like, but he will never think of Christmas again like he did before. It's the week his mom died. Plus the fact she is gone from him forever..never mind Christmas.

Then we sat and pondered that for awhile. Yup, we are still lucky, even tho we don't have a lot of the elders left.....we got each other, sisters and brothers. And if all else fails, I will still have Angel Man!! But I didn't tell him that!!!


Brenda said...

I sure hope you're feeling better soon Miz Joan. It sure would be sucky to have to prepare for guests when you feel so bad.

Sending hugs up your way and hopes that things smooth out so you can put your feet up and rest a bit soon.

It's so hard to lose a loved one but I think it's even hardest during the holidays.

Joan said...

Thanks always know the right thing to

Donna said...

Oh Joan...I can see I'll have to get busy and do my "wellness" dance for you...I'll take a lot out of me to do it, but I do believe radical times call for radical measurements...lolol
Fudge will revive me though...
And how sad for the young man and his wife...I'll be praying for them...and I hope the Renter is gone need Rest!!
You and Gord have a Happy Christmas sweetie!!!hughugs

Joan said...

Donna...I really..I mean really want to see your wellness dance. I'm smiling already. I have fudge. Okay that's a lie, I can go a buy fudge.