Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Russian saw me in my nightie

Early this morning (10:00 AM) I heard pounding on my door.

I jumped to see what was the matter
and what had caused all this clatter

And what to my wondering eyes did appear
A Russian....carrying all his reno gear

And he saw me in my nightie...haaaaaa haa. It was Pavel. He was standing at the side window with his hands clasped on either side of his eyes and trying to see if anybody was home. Well, hell yeah!!! We didn't expect them on Sunday morning. Actually he saw me twice, once when I was trying to figure out who was looking in our window...without my glasses ...and then when I put them on. I must have looked pretty hot...with my bed head and wearing a nightie from the turn of the century. We didn't make eye contact all day...heee..

Seriously, they are really, really nice people. But it was a nightmare today, because I was just starting to put my tree up and decorating the house, and they were trying to finish off what was was left to do in the bathrooms. We were sort of tripping over each other.

We got a bit of a surprise with the main bathroom, there was some mould on the gyp rock behind the panel that was being replaced. I could have figured that would happen because the the panel had cracked about 6 months ago. So, they had to replace the gyp rock, which was okay because we had a lot left from the repairs in the basement. It was just more time consuming than they thought.

So, on the inside all that is left to do is putting down the flooring in the bathroom, and rest can all be done on the outside. What a mess. We should have waited till after Christmas, because I really don't need all this crap right now...but it's starting to look really good.

I under estimated the room I would have for a tree in the living room when I brought down the teak wall unit. It takes up an entire wall... a big wall. The fireplace takes up the other wall, and because it's open concept type shit house there is only one more wall, that is where the sofa is. No room for a tree unless I put it in the front window....but this is where I have Penny's little heated bed so she can see out to the front street. It would be cruel to deny her a way of looking outside. The other window is blocked by the sofa, and she can't get up there.

So, yesterday I went to Canadian Tire, and bought two 4 ft. fibre optic "slim" trees .. and put them on each side of the fireplace. It looks really nice. Not as comforting as a big tree, I must admit. But we hardly ever go in there anyway...we stay upstairs, in this ridiculous house. I have my little village all set up here, plus a lot of vintage stuff I put up every year.

Then after I finished all that, I realized I have no place to put the presents!! ... but after some creative thinking.... we have a huge wood holder built into the fireplace. We don't use wood anymore, just the phoney balonie logs.. and it was empty. So, when the kids come over for Christmas I made it into a little Santa workshop, and we can store all the presents in there.

The little kids just love our "Wreck" Room. Normally I have nothing down there, especially now when I have thrown most everything out. But they like going down there anyway. There are so many hiding places down there, and the older ones play hide and seek with the younger ones. This year I think I will put the old Christmas tree down there, and buy a cheap ping pong table, to give them more stuff to do when they come here. They are all getting older and need a little more distraction ... but little one's just love the older cousins...and they play nice. Can you tell they are ALL girls? Put a boy in the mix...and it would be a shit show. Six girls! And Gord's other nephew who lives in BC has two girls.. not a man child in sight... Both nephews have been "snipped"... so this is all we have to work with.

I am looking forward to the holidays...still with some trepidation...but that is just me. I am also hosting MY family's Christmas this it's going to be a challenge. But the kids are older and don't have any of there own yet, so it will be just my bro, his wife, and the two girls with their boyfriends. This would be a good time to tease the girls in front of their boyfriends, and show them their baby pictures...I plan to that and more.. They should be afraid.

Sunday nite supper:

Pork Roast
Mashed Potatoes
Mushroom Gravy
Cauliflower/broccoli/carrot medley...
with a dab of cheese whiz to get our processed cheese needs met.


Sally said...

You sure are a busy lady! I hope the family get-togethers will be fun for you. Those poor nieces, though. You aren't really gonna drag out the baby pictures. HUH? :)

Joan said...

Damn right I am....and I have videos too..heh..Those guy will never marry them. They will barren old maids!!

Joan said...

Damn right I am....and I have videos too..heh..Those guy will never marry them. They will be barren old maids!!

Joan said...


Donna said...

Hahahaa....I love Pavel...I could picture you trying to see who was at the door!!Hahaa...Geez
Dinner sounds wonderful!! Happy night Joan!hughugs

Poolagirl said...

Eeeek! I didn't mean to "dis" your sweater! Actually...I did! *grin*

Brenda said...

You will probably be in Pavel's dreams for the rest of his life. He might even have been love struck by the amazing sight of you.

I miss having big family get-togethers at Christmas, I really do.

Curtis said...

Bet you that was a moment for the KGB files. lol. Yeah break out the pictures and add some really embarassing stories to go along with them. I ain't nice am I? Guess I won't be putting up my tree as planned this year because I put it up in the top of the garage and the rest of the decorations are downstairs. Neither of which I am allowed to go to. Shucks and I was going to decorate this year too. Can't even go down the steps to enjoy the fireplace and worse yet the BAR is down there. Man am I getting thirsty...just kiddin'. You sound like you might be a bit busy ov air.

Special K said...

Who on earth undertakes renovations in December, like an animal?

Oh, right: YOU. You animal.

I dunno, but I kinda like your 'ridiculous' house, and I'll bet the slim trees look quite nice alongside your fireplace.

And I'll bet you look hotter in your nightie than you let on. We're going to have to ask Pavel.