Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I would like to say that we are going through a dusty horrible time with our renovations, but alas the reno men don't seem to keep a work schedule that would enable any dust getting into the air. They come ...and then to go. I don't know where they go. Then they come back again for a few hours...and then they go. By the time we get the few things that needed doing around here, we could well be dead.

They are Russian. If that makes a difference. They may be working on Russian time for all I know. Or they might be jet lagged after immigrating to Canada 10 years ago. It's just two guys. Boris and Pavel. Boris looks like he knows what he is doing and Pavel just sort of follows him around. Pavel looks like a grizzled old guy out of a Russian novel. They both speak with a heavy accent. Gord know how to pick em!! They showed up on Friday and worked in the morning. Then came back on Sunday for two hours and then they were here on Monday ...for two hours fixing the front door. It must have been exhausting because they haven't been back since. All their tools and equipment are in our garage so I assume they will be coming back.

Any home improvements we have ever made in the last 25 years have gone the pooper. Every last one of them. I was very leary about hiring someone again. We can't even get Sears to clean our carpets without incident. The guy who was doing the stairs lost control of the machine and it went through the wall. I will never forget the young man who came into the kitchen and told me.. Mrs. Martin, the good news is we are finished and the bad news is we put a hole in your wall...well shit!! Thanks for breaking it to me gently you Searsfuckeruppers.

We hired a guy about 10 years ago to put new linoleum in the kitchen. Apparently his knife was as dull as he was. It looks like shit. We had a guy put up some new boards on our open porch roof... instead of using 8 boards he used 4 and said it looked it looked better that way....yeah he quoted us for 8 and used 4...I guess it looked better..bastard!!

So I don't know when Boris and Pavel will be back. I think they may be secretly trying to over throw the Canadian Government. And if you have heard anything about the Canadian Political gong show that is going on here, Boris, just might be the new Prime Minister of Canada. He was smarter one of the two, which gives me some hope.


Bobbie said...

This post cracked me up, Joan! Especially the part about Boris for PM! He probably speaks better English than that Liberal

Anonymous said...

How soon we forget!

Perhaps you had another contractor?

(AKA John Cleese)


Brenda said...

I've watched contractors work and decided long ago that if James and Jeffrey couldn't do it for a case of beer, it won't get done.

Thanks for the laugh Miz Joan, I'll be on the lookout for Boris on TV. :-)

Donna said...

Pavel is probably the smarter of the two!!hahaa...Happy day sweetie!!hughugs

Special K said...


If it's not already a word, it should be.