Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Progess report on Penny

Nothing short of miraculous. Every day is a better day. She is running and playing like a puppy. I was so worried with the temps dipping into -30 if she could handle it...but no problem.

I wonder what would have happened if I had not taken matters into my own hands. They ( the vets) never even mentioned Gloucosamine until I brought it up, and sort of gave me the run around about it might work, but didn't seem too optimistic. Well feck them...We are back to normal around here. She doesn't have any pain anymore. I haven't given her the old drugs for about two months now. She is still a little shy about jumping on the couch, but I think it's only because I have given her shit so many times about trying to do it. And now she thinks it's off limits. But, hey, yeah...this is great. So, I pulled out her old doggy santa hat today and I'm going to make her wear it again this Christmas. She is back to her old Penny Loafer self.

Now I just have to take care of myself. I woke up this morning curled up like a pretzel. Holy shit, my neck was out of wack, and my arm felt like a dead tree branch. Ouch city man. I sleep so tight, and where ever my limbs flung to at night that's where they stayed; unfortunately my body crossed over them at some point...and then ouch again!

I couldn't shoulder check going to work today ..(see pretzel position of last night. ) I just hoped for the best. But there was one bastard following me down Chancellor Drive today that I have put a curse on...that son of a bitch tried to run me off the road. And if you don't know what the roads are like right now, I will tell you, they are fucked up...large ice ruts everywhere and you just have to try to stay within the ruts. El-Fuck head apparently thought ruts were for babies...and tried to pass me two times while almost wiping out on the ice. But that did not stop him trying to get passed me. I finally pulled over and let that ass wipe pass me. I was scared he was going to meet someone head on going in the other direction.

Guess where I met him? At the light at the end of the street. He didn't make anymore time than if he would have stayed behind me. I saluted him...and said Merry Christmas douche bag in my head.

Come on....why do people do this. I see it every day...people getting cranky the minute you aren't going fast enough for them. It's winter and it's slippery and you never know when you are going to hit an icy patch...along with all the ruts...........he is getting a piece of coal for Christmas this year...I told on him...ole Santa knows he is a prick now.

I was just listening to the TV in the background and it was a Frosty the Snowman kind of cartoon going on...and they were singing "Next stop Winnipeg, lots of parking, and lots of snow" I guess they know we have snow here...but the parking....not so much...Frosty would have to go to Impark and pay just like everyone else.

Gord's out at a meeting tonight, so Penny and I have the house to's very quite.

I would love to take some pictures of my house and the outside Christmas lights this year, but my camera is the shits. I have taken some, but they were crap. When I take pictures inside of the house of Christmas lights etc. it is way to bright...and when I turn the flash's all distorted. It's just a cheapie Kodak digi camera. Years ago, when I got my first digital camera, it took awesome pictures in low light, but since then it's been crappy.

So, I have asked Santa for a Cannon Rebel....lets see how much he loves me.. I want to start experimenting with photography instead of just pointing and shooting. I always like a challenge. Life is short, and I think you should learn as much as can in the stuff that interests you.


Brenda said...

Great news about Penny! I know you were suffering right along with her knowing that she was in pain.

It's harder to take photos in low light with most any camera unless you change the settings. It's also a good idea to set them on a tripod or other stable, level, surface before snapping because the shutter has to stay open longer in low light.

Joan said...

Brenda..what do you think about the Canon Rebel...any feedback would be appreciated.

Donna said...

I Love the news about Penny!! Good for her! And you'll Love the Canon Rebel! I have the Rebel XT and I love if I only had time to get Serious about Using it!!
Happy weekend to you sweetie! Don't worry about the ass***** on the road...I hear they have angels....lolol...hughugs

Curtis said...

Good for Penny dog. Don't you just love those ass wipes that are always in a hurry to get nowhere? Hope Santa gets you what you want this year. I love playing with my camera but it's a Kodak Easy Share Z612. I've had it for a few years and I like it but Canon is a good one too. Ya'll have a great Christmas ovair ya hear.