Thursday, December 04, 2008

They Russians are back

When I got home for lunch the first thing I noticed when coming up the driveway was Boris (the smarter of the two) rummaging around the driveway looking for something. I asked him if he lost something, and he mumbled something.. which I couldn't really hear....but it sounded like screw you! Huh....back up the Russian tank Boris!

When we got into a conversation, I realized he said ... "screws from our box fell on you." Well, yes then I understood, we were being screwed. But in reality they were bringing in a box which had drywall screws in it and PAVEL dropped it on the driveway. That Pavel....he is a naughty Ruskie. So, here is poor ole Boris trying to clean up the mess. Nothing says flat better..than a drywall screw in your tire.

But as it turned out they did a very good job down in the basement and the bathroom on the second level. They are a long way from being finished, but it's a good start. I really don't expect to see them tomorrow, because I think Friday is a National holiday for them....but let's see what happens.

I love talking to them even though they scare me sometimes. When they call my name...they yell..JOHN really loud, John would be me.. JOAN. "VAT'S WITH THIS.".... then I try to figure out what they are talking about. I guess yelling is a way to get attention...and hey... it works. The first time I had to change my pampers...I thought they were mad at me. But no... they just speak so passionately about everything. Then when they go about their work and I am in the background they speak Russian between each other.....softly. What's up with that?
They probably think they have to yell to make me understand them.

Hey, when I call long distance I still talk louder than I normally would. But that's only because I don't really live in this century.

JimBob made a comment yesterday and likened our reno job to a John Cleese episode in
Fawlty Towers (a show which by the way never fails to make me laugh my underpants off).

I hope these guys show up this weekend so I can spend more quality time with them. Maybe we can discuss Tolstoy, after all Anna Karenina is one of my favorite books.

I shouldn't make fun of them, it's probably not fair. So far I'm only judging them by their inability to show up in a timely manner. I know everyone has problems...and so far they have had a lot of them. One of there cars doesn't start, children have to be taken to doctors appointments, material wasn't name it. But, we are gluttons for punishment. When they are finished, we will drink Vodka and sing songs with them. And probably pay them more than they are worth. But, that's how we do stuff.


Brenda said...

Can you take a picture of your Russian contractors for us without making them yell too loud at you? You're a hoot Miz Joan!

Donna said...

I Love Fawlty Towers....And they're probably whispering about how Hot you are!! Watch out for 'em!!!!hahaa...Happy weekend sweetie!
PS-Our news stations have been Filled with Canada's Prime Minister woes...good luck with That!!!hughugs

Special K said...

My parents would probably scare the shit out of you, then.