Monday, February 02, 2009

As much as I like my template...I'm getting the itch

When I read your blogs I can always see your personality come shining through with the template you have chosen. I never use the google reader "thing of a ma jig," because half the fun is reading it the way you will think it will look in your template. Isn't it too bad we can't just type our blogs into our templates and not on this little ugly form. I dare Google to do that...those google guys are spending way to much time doing other shit.

I made another loaf of bread tonite. And forgot about it in the oven. I turned out like a large boulder. I was on the phone with my SIL..and time got away from me... and poof, stone. Now all I have to do it bake about 5,678 of them I could make a nice rock garden beside my little pond. Oh, but the summer I forgot about that. Somehow, I don't think the rain could ever penetrate my rock loaves but just in case I'm thinking about putting some varnish over them. Then I would have phony rocks to put around my phony pond..which isn't really's just little and doesn't have enough water in it to drown a hairy rats ass.

And because it's winter and I'm cold and miserable...I want to see it on the screen one more time

There it is!!! Do you see my froggie with a fishing pole? I remember digging that hole and thought I was digging to China...because the ground was so hard. If we live here another year, I'm going to dig another one...just a little bitty one like this. Some people like to garden, I like to pond.

I just took a look at froggie...and he must have dropped his pole in the pond. I'm going to have to spank his little green bum.. I remember now I found it in the bottom of the pond last fall.

I was at the dollar store on Saturday and scored a few rabbits, an another two frogs.

Did I just hear someone say I'm getting obsessed with lawn/slash pond ornaments?...well that's your problem mister or mster...I like them the way they are. No fuss, no muss. I never need to feed them or take them out to go potty. They aren't garish, they just sit in silent slumber beside my pond. Like real animals would do if they were on Valium.


C.J. Koster said...

That's such an awesome pond. Makes me wish I had a backyard.

Anonymous said...

That frog looks like a broken-armed guitar player. Nice ta see the dish-pan is doing well! ;-)


Brenda said...

I love your little pond and that's the first frog I've ever seen with teeth. :-) I'd love to have a pond but our babies would be swimming, fishing, and wading in one.

Michele said...

I love your pond! All of those flowers are gorgeous.

Nicole said...

Great pond! Makes me miss spring an summer all the more :-)

Rosie said...

Just come from Donna's Blog Made in Heaven and wow what a beautiful layout!!

Lovely pond wish it was spring here..


Sally said...

I'd like to have a new layout also, but sure as shootin' I'd screw it up!!

Yours looks great!

Donna said...

I think that's a dinosour(sp)Hahaa invading the pond!!!(far left)...Please be careful Miz Joan!!
Love the pond!!