Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Work in progress

My house stinks.
My clothes stink.
My dog stinks.
Gord stinks.
I don't stink, because apparently I can't smell myself. Or I might be perfect.

The odourless oil base paint that the painter is using, is not really odorless, they just changed the odour to cat piss, and threw in a little oregeno. It's turned into a something Italian that offence to the the Italian community. God, you have to be so carefull these days.

My house is in a mess. "now to all of you that have real problems"...disengage your mouse. Because my bitching is purely selfish. Totally. I won't even apologize for it.

I don't like the mess, I don't like having all my stuff where it's not supposed to be. I just fucking hate it. There, I have totally told on myself, I am anal and my name is Joan. I need help. I would never survive a reno.

I chose a paint colour today. A colour that will encompass the entire house. Every room. So, if a mistake has been made, it will be a really big one. I wanted to keep it neutral, yet a little darker than your old "Builders Beige." Because we will be selling the house, I wanted to go neutral, which it was anyway, but now that I have the opportunity to see what it would look like in a darker colour I'm going for it. Chicken little Joan is crying....the sky is falling...yeah that would be me. It's only paint but it's costing us three grand to do this....and I want it to look great, for as long as I live here and those to come. I chose Arizonia Tan. I love it. It calms my soul. (like I have one).
The paint has been over.

If I come online and tell you guys I hate it....tell me to get my foot out of my ass..because it seems to be lodged in there. Somedays it hard to walk. I don't know how I function some days with all my...could have, should have, and what if's. It's a good thing I never had kids, they would have spent most of their childhood in the ER. I blame my mom for my fears and I think my mom blamed her mom, my grandma.....then I think my great grandma blamed the heathens.

My spell check ... indicated I didn't have any errors...I find that hard to believe. It must be an error with blogger, because I have never come up with a clean blog. I tried still thinks this blog is free of spelling errors............well I'm ready to go to bed, so I won't argue...the smell of oderless paint is making me faint.


Brenda said...

Where are the pictures? Hmmmmm?

judemiller1 said...

Don't forget to breathe. Well--maybe you better go outside to take that breath. It will soon be over (the paint job that is) and you can put everything back where it belongs and everything will look so nice and clean that you will be glad you went through all this s**t.

I have spent years of my life with the "shoulda, coulda, woulda's"--it doesn't really help a dang bit. Onward and upwards.

Donna said...

I'll bet it looks Wonderful!! I Totally sympathize with you sweetie!! I Hate re-dos...
Hang in there! It will be gorgeous when it's finished!hughugs

Sally said...

It will be soooo nice when it's finished. I'm jealous actually. :)