Monday, February 09, 2009

Did you hear?

They now make balonie "wraps". I call them Joanie Balonie wraps. Just think of me wrapped up in a tortilla shell heated in a microwave oven, covered with cheese ....crying for help. How pitiful is that? ..the humanity!!

My epitaph would read:
Here lies Joanie Balonie
full of macaroni

They rolled me up in some kind of crap
And put in me the oven and gave me a zap.


Sometimes people don't like nick names. I didn't mind mine.

But, I was guilty of that too. I must remember we called an overweight girl in school "puff ball." Joanie Balonie full of macaroni was annoying...puff ball was cruel. But, you only develop this insight later in life. I remember about 10 years ago when we went to Gord's high school reunion, Gord was taken aback when one of the speakers said he was afraid of Gordon in grade school because he used to threaten to beat him up when he was delivering papers to his house. I guess they were about 10 years old at the time, and Gord didn't have any memory of this at all. I think he spent a least two hours apologizing to this poor guy. The little bully. You never know how people perceive your actions, and remember them 20-30 years later. I hope I never meet the girl I and others called Puff Ball. She would probably clock me. But the worst is I know she was a nice Mennonite religious girl and "she would forgive me".......I don't need forgiving, I need my ass kicked for being so rude. So, if you are reading this "puff ball" for lack of a better name...because I don't even remember yours. All I remember is we hurt you in school. And I am so ashamed.

I don't know why I start remembering old shit. But there it is. I am cleansing my soul. I just started out with a "wrap song."

IT'S RAINING IN THE MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY!! WTF...we are slipping and sliding and doing the Elvis Pelvis dance. (as my dad used say) I didn't go into work until 9:00 today because I wasn't about to do the "Hamel Camel "..on four tires before all the other poor souls on the road had finished hitting each other. Everything is pure ice and it's February!!! I have never seen this in my entire life. 63 years worth of it. Kids were skating on the cul de sac. It's supposed to rain...yes rain!! all day tomorrow February??? I think God is punishing me for calling her puff ball.

I just know it.

And...Penny's ramp going down from the patio to the full of ice.! She slid down this morning before I realized that it was full of ice, but somehow got herself back up. I am surprised she didn't hit the garage wall at the end of the ramp going down. oy. Her nose looked a little shorter when she came back up. She may have. She looked puggish...or like a flat faced bitch. That's what happens when you hit a garage wall at 60 clicks. I will have to bring her in and get her brakes checked.

So, goodnite....I started out with a little poem ... and looked what happened.


judemiller1 said...

I love it!!!

Donna said...

Ah Joan, we All did or said Stupid things as kids...What matters now is that you've forgiven yourself. You're a Loving and kind person Miz Joan...I have a feeling you were Always this way...I'm So glad to have "met" you sweetie...HUGHUG

Nicole said...

A lot of people today would just brush it off and say oh well to the mean things they said and did in the past. We have all done/said things we shouldn't but the good ones will regret it later...even if it is years later! You're kind hearted.

Brenda said...

Ha! Great post. Stay off that ice!

Poolie said...

My hairdresser is named Joanie and I adore her!

Sally said...

Hanging my head here; now you've got me thinking of all the nasty things I've ever said - I'll probably still be remembering quite a while.

We've all been there, so don't beat yourself up. Love your WRAP!! :)

Susan said...

Like you say, we dont realize what an impact our actions have when we are kids and how thoughtless comments can stick.
I had to laugh at your earlier blog about the first time you have had rain in february! We get rain all year round here on the coast. Maybe I should move to Winnipeg!!
Your post on your new hire had me in stitches. But at the same time made me wary... My youngest son is currently seeking work as a 1st year electrical apprentice. What if he gets a horney boss lady like you!!!!!

Joan said...

Susan...I won't hit on him. ummm but do you have a pic?

Just kidding I love these kids and will do anything to get to where they want to go. I'm like their damn grandma.