Sunday, February 01, 2009

Laundy day from hell...swear words alert

As it is with a day from hell, it starts out bad and leaves even worse.

Before I even started we noticed the water temperture wasn't right after we took our showers. It became cold way too fast. But this problem was resolved by turning up the temp of the water heater, in hopes that OUR ONE YEAR OLD water heater hadn't bit the dust. That was the only thing that went right.

I put the first load in and went upstairs to make lunch. When it stopped I went back down and noticed that I had put the water level on "fucking nothing" (that would be low level in layman terms) the last time I did a small load I forgot to poop it up to "big Mother F*cking load mode. My clothes were barely wet. Damit...I had to do the load over again! When it was finished I threw it in the dryer, and put load number two in the washer. Then when I came back down again to put load number two in the dryer, I discovered that load #1 was on "fucking fluff" cycle and it was still all wet. I guess when I l did laundry last week and put in the small blanket I also changed the the dryer to f*cking fluff... then I took a small yet satisfying fit.

Now four loads of time spent have become 6. With the do-overs. What is wrong with me? I just did the forth load...and it was only Gord's winter jacket. I again lowered the water level because it was just a jacket, and sure as hell next wash day, I will not see I lowered it and the cycle will all start again. I could run downstairs right now, and turn it back to a full wash to make sure I don't do this again, but I'm tired. I want to be my worst enemy.

After I washed Gords winter jacket, (load #4) and before I threw it in the dryer, I took the time to read the label. It said DRY CLEAN ONLY. I looked at the jacket and it didn't seem any worse for wear, so I threw it in the dryer ...on "F*ckingFluff" see where I'm going here? Next weekend will be very much like this one. The washer water level will be on low, and the dryer will be on "fluffing forget it!"

I'm making a huge chicken tonight for Sunday Nite Supper.. It's a free range chicken my niece gave me yesterday....and it's huge and smells divine. She always gets her chickens from a Hutterite Coloney.

My good friend Mary Lou had a recipe on her blog on Friday for 5 minute bread.

I made it and it was delicious. I love bread with a crispy crust. And this recipe lets you make as much as you want and keep the rest of the dough in the fridge for two weeks. So, it's always fresh when you want to bake a loaf...or make pizza dough..whatever. It's wonderful for those that don't have time to go through the whole process of baking bread. This one was for white bread, but the next time I will try it with whole wheat. Thanks Mary mentor.

We had a wind storm yesterday that was so unreal. I have never seen or felt winds gusting to about 90 mph.

I went to do some shopping, and stopped in Staples (god I love that store) to peruse new gadgets that I can't afford ... like a tiny little laptops which you could stick in your purse like a Chihuahua. That was at 3:15. By the time I talked myself out of buying the laptop it was 4:00 pm. The winds had picked up by the time I tried to get out of the door. Holy Shit! I was trying to cross the parking and almost lost my balance a few time. It was crazy.

As I was driving back to the grocery store I hit a red light. My truck was shaking like hell from the wind....... and I was getting a little scared....then I saw a huge metal sign flying up in the air.. just above me and it kept on getting lower, then the wind would catch it again and it would rise...and tumble again....finally the I got the green light and got out of it's path. As I approached the strip mall by my house, I saw pieces of huge "dish" on top of "Applebees" had come apart and was falling all over the parking lot. People were ducking! Then I went to Safeway. A lady was just coming out with her cart, and she had some "wrapped flowers" in it, that went sailing into the wind and landed about 20 feet away. She didn't even go after it...because she couldn't even buck the wind to get it. The last I seen of it ... was half way up the side of the building.

When I got home with my groceries, I pulled up the door on the back of my truck ...and the wind was just making it go up and down and I couldn't control it. I was scared to reach in and get my groceries because I didn't know if the door was going to slam down on my head before I reached them. So I put a piece of wood between the door and the floor just is case it came down and slammed me on the noggin. Never in my life have I seen winds like that.

I have been writing small pieces of this blog all afternoon between laundry from hell and doing bookwork for our company and making supper....and now it's almost 12:00 PM and I am finally finished. Not really, I have so much more bookwork to do, but it will have to wait. Back to my real job tomorrow.....arrrgggg... I'm a tired puppy. Have a good week!


Brenda said...

Oh Lordy Miz Joan, that was quite a day. "I want to be my worst enemy" will be my favorite Joan quote from now on.

Donna said...

What a Day, is Right!! Grief! I've also done the "load level" thing Many times!Hahaa...gads. And what awful winds!! 90mph are slammers! Glad you're safe sweetie! And I'm back at work to...YUCK...hahaa

Sally said...

Your day was quite different from mine - I slept on the couch ALL afternoon, and then couldn't sleep last night. I'm up now but going to dive back under.

Take care, Joan; yesterday was scary enough~