Friday, February 13, 2009

Have you ever been married to a

Appliance Repair Man/Technician? nooooo? ...well lucky you.

There is no end to his stories about dumb assed customers. No End. Apparently the entire world is scared of being screwed by a service men. I don't mean that literally. I mean so many of them have bad rep's everyone thinks they MIGHT get screwed. That leaves my Gord trying to over compensate everything he does. Is he the only guy in the world that prides himself in his workmanship and knowledge of what he has been doing for 30 years? I think so. The fucking bad apples always screw those that take pride in there work. But he never quits.

A lot of times he gets taken advantage of from "so called friends"...customers etc. But he keeps on ticking. He desperately wants to show people how business was done years ago, with integrity. That is getting harder and harder to do. People get screwed then get cynical and give the honest guy grief. It is an never ending circle of poop.

So, I listen to his stories every night, as I have done all these years and wonder when he will get tired of being "Gordy Good Guy"...but he gets up every morning, puts on his uniform and goes out and does it again. And yes, he wears a uniform. Because that is the way he started out in the business when he worked for a company. And when he started his own business he still thinks people will respect a well dressed man coming into their home. I think he is right. But some people don't get it. I guess that is just the way the world waggles.

Yes, he gets annoying...telling me all the stories, and NEVER taking my advise. It's become apparent over the years that he just wants to talk it out...but does not want any input. So, I listen with my good ear, because he does what he wants to do anyway. And I get to listen to the movie on TV with my other ear. That's what ole farts do. And next day, I have no idea what he was talking about. And he tell me the whole story AGAIN.

I love guy. I really do. I just told you about his work, but he is as passionate about that as he is about riding his motorcycle and his vintage Lincoln. This year we will be starting to build our new house on a beautiful property close to a river. I am looking forward to it. But, sometimes that has been hard for me, because I'm a scaredycat. I like things the way they are...and I don't like change... yadda yadda... but he has I will follow them. Someone has to get me out of my funk. I never would have believed that I would have become so resistant to change. I have always prided myself on moving on. We had so many houses, but when we moved into this one, I told him it was the last, because I loved it so much. Now I will have to leave. But.... who will take care of the pond people???

Anyway, Happy Valentines Day Gordon. It's been a bumpy ride. I mean bumpy.

I think the only thing keeping us together is the water bed...we meet in the middle. but then there is the dog...

Love Joan


cocoabean said...

Can't the pond people move with you??

Brenda said...

Oh yes! You must move the pond people. In fact, build the pond near the new house as part of the construction cause I know you love them and your pond so much.

I don't like change these days either Miz Joan. I like plodding along doing the same old thing each day. I've had all the changes in life that a person needs so I'm a happy old fart with the old.

judemiller1 said...

Maybe your "pond people" will become "river people"? You must move to a new home--how exciting and I can imagine that everything will work right with Gordo there to supervise. And I can imagine that you will have another pond for your "people" this summer.

Donna said...

Judes idea is Good! "River People"! Has a Ring to it!
Gord Sounds like a Wonderful man Joan!! My hubby feels the same about his father did...service...and I SO, identify with the "friends" problem here.
Hope you had a Lovely day sweetie...Now! Get Out of that Funk! How Wonderful your future will be....night sweetie!hughugs

Donna said...

PS-Your post reminded me of what my Father use to say to my Mother..."Oh come away with me...the Best is yet to be"...thanks for the memory sweetie...

Susan said...

Glad to see romance is alive and well at the balonie residence.
I can see your Gord coming home in his uniform and wanting to play tv repairman! But I know you are much too busy with the triplets to entertain such nonsense.... but then again.... the triplets are his arent they?