Monday, February 23, 2009

you know this will all about painting for two more weeks

Now, the house is turned upside down. The furniture has been moved to the centre of every room. Closets have been emptied, treasures have been found, others have been discarded. This weekend I was starting to freak out, because I love "order." I decided to unfreak myself and go with it. I stopped my head from spinning out of control and thinking...everything has to be in it's place...because who gives a fat hairy rats ass if you can't watch TV because it's sitting in the middle of the family room AND NOT FACING YOUR FAVORITE CHAIR. When your whole house is in upheaval you learn a lot about yourself. You can't control every frigging thing in your life. But I tried....heh...I got my computer hooked up again...painter man unhooked me. And I spat in his face. I am sitting in the most unbelievable space with wires wrapped around my head. And hooked up. But, I don't want to make him mad, tonight I will put them all back and pretend I didn't do it.

And you know, I don't even care the mess. I am sort of enjoying it because there isn't anything I can do about it. It's like going on vacation. I love coming home from work at lunch and meet up with "the painter." He is so proud of his work and shows me around, like I'm a Princess or something. He finished the ceilings last week, which look great, and this week we are doing the walls. Poor guy. Gord tried counting how many holes I have put in the walls over the last twenty years....he counted over 100...that's not counting the hooks I put in the ceilings for plants and light fixtures. It's good thing we have a good roof, because if it would spring a leak it would look like a sprinkler system in here!!

And I love the colour I chose. If we would be choosing colours and planned to stay here, I would have made them more personal, but as it is we will be selling it. I just wanted to stay with one colour throughout. The house is "open concept" all the rooms flow into each other and you can't just change a colour from one to the would look...ummm stupid.... so I chose one colour for the entire house. Bedrooms and all. I could have done them a different shade because they are separate..but I liked the colour and did it all the same. Arizona Tan. What a great colour. Warm, cozy and inviting. I think I lucked out. I was going for colours more in the taupe range to start off with ....but just didn't feel the vibes...they looked too ... I don't know... oh yeah boring!

So this experience should do me well when I have to choose colours for the next house. But I don't expect that the next one will be as open as this one is, and I will be able to give each room a personality of it's own.

I'm kinda of sorry that the painter isn't as interesting as the Russian Mafia I had in here a few months ago doing the repairs. I can't even make fun of his accent. But the Russkies will be back in spring to do some stuff on the outside of the house. And, I will be singing "Somewhere my Love" again.

Well, I better unplug all my computer stuff and put it back on the table so he can manoeuvre his way around it. He did the undercoating in this room today, so tomorrow he will doing the painting and I can start putting it back together. But... truth be told ... I love it this way. I'm on the dining room table and I'm on the second floor, facing all the big windows out front. But it's not feasible unless you are in a mess. This is just like a vacation, I swear... I love it. Everyday here is something new. So, can you tell I don't get out much? And the best thing is I don't have to do it.


Brenda said...

When do we get to see the finished product? Arizona Tan even sounds pretty.

Sally said...

I don't get out much either, but instead of doing something productive I'm just sittin' here reading blogs. :)

Do you and Gord already have house plans for the new one?

Donna said...

Pictures!!! We MUST ugool and drool!!!Hahaaaa...I can just See you with wires wrapped around your head!!Hahaa...hughugs

judemiller1 said...

A control freak myself, sometimes it is nice to not be able to control--you can kind of sit back and relax. The frenzy will come when the painter declares his masterpiece is done and leaves. Then......