Wednesday, February 04, 2009

You don't know how old you are when.....

A new "hot" electrical apprentice comes into the shop after getting hired by the boss man. I'm the one who gets to take his particulars. Then it makes going to work worthwhile. I have a list of questions I need to ask him, some for company purposes, some for my own. You know where I'm going don't you.?

I asked him his name as I was filling out his Apprenticeship forms. All I could hear was "Yummy".. (while admiring his teeth) and I said Yummy what?...jeez Joan get real here girl....stop your dreaming. He said no, my name is Angel. And my last name is Man. It was meant to be right then and there. Finally my dream man walked into the shop. Before I took off all my clothing, which consisted of a undershirt, a hoody sweatshirt, old lady jeans, full sized panties, my twenty year old bra, and thermal socks... I read his information on his application and apparently he is "taken." He lives in sin. Common in Law. So, I slowly put my undershirt, hoody, old lady jeans, panties, bra and socks back on. Son of a bitch...a girl can't even dream these days. I must have missed something, when he told me his name. Oh, I know what it was now, it was Christian. was so close to a heavenly name... so obviously I made an error. So, I broke up with him. We are so over. I think we can be friends. Maybe on facebook...not.

Ahh, just another guy to piss me off at work. Not Angel Man.

Grace in small things:

..When your doggy wants to snuggle in the middle of the night and licks your hands ever so gently and you fall in a deep sleep.


..Fried potatoes

..A lady bug I found in my kitchen today. I said Ladybug you should be sleeping, it's winter, so I squished her...okay, I didn't, I put her high up on a shelf so I didn't have to deal with the rest of her polka dot life. I have enough other shit to worry about.

..Roofs...ummm..because they cover the house. I'm getting a little short in the Grace department. Check with me tomorrow.


Brenda said...

Well damn, it's not easy when a gal has a letdown like that.

We call em "granny panties" down here. :-)

judemiller1 said...

I hope it was a Lady Bug and not a Japanese Beetle which looks similar and breeds faster than any rabbit couple. If you start noticing more than one and they are high on your ceiling, they are probably Japanese Beetles and if you squish them they give off a scent that attracks more beetles. They can be quite a nuisance and can bite--just vacuum them up--that is the best way. Then try not to think about what is going on in the vacuum bag. YUCK.

Joan said...

Hey Jude...heh sounds like a Beetles song doesn't it. Nah it was just a lady bug,who woke up a little too soon. Thanks for dropping by.

Brenda... he had such nice teeth... I wanted to touch them. I should have been a dentist... instead of a old pervert.

Donna said...

Hahahaa...I had to make sure I wasn't reading My blog!! Hey! You're dressed just like ME!! One day we oughta' wear some high heels to work...Hahaa..
Happy weekend sweetie!hughugs