Friday, December 15, 2006

The Christmas Party

Dud. Thump. Waitaminute..fortheloveofaCD, my CD drive wants to blow the top off my computer! Apparently it is not used to playing Christmas music with the cheapest CD invented. Sounds like an Hutterite tractor.

Our Christmas party was held in the most beautiful setting you could imagine. It was a golf and Country Club way out in the woods. Which was only 1 mile from my house. But it's proximity on the river made it feel, "way out in the woods." The building is a huge "A" frame cedar structure, with balconies all around it with soft Christmas lights glowing. When you came in from the parking lot, there was a long narrow cobble stone walkway, with evergreens and wind chimes softly tinkling in night air. It was magical. And they were even thoughtful enough to salt the cobble stones, so Plow boy and me would have to conk our noggins in the cement.

The Christmas picture I used on top is not of the club, but it's pretty close.

The food was good, (fantastic mushroom meatballs to die for.
I got a bonus..$100.00 smackaroo's I can use anyway I please! I would dearly like to go to one of those spa places and get a massage and get old skin ripped off my body. But, I think it's pretty pricey. I will look into it this year. First I have to get new underpants and bra's so I don't look like a street person.

I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday by jove. And I have to admit, I did not put as much thought into some of them, because it's impossible. But I took as much consideration as I knew how. The kids are at all different ages ranging from 1-25, and I have 7 of them to buy for. The youngest are easy, but as they get from 13-25 plaeese, I don't know what they are into anymore. Two of Gord's niece's are 10 & 13 and I made them a photo album with all the pictures of them and their cousins in it. I spent the whole day printing it all out. I love doing that. Then I included a Christmas CD and also a CD of the pictures.

I had a really hard time getting the ole "plow boy" something. I scored a few things at Canadian Tire yesterday. You all know he drives the big "honking van" now, and it's always difficult to see who is behind you, because you are driving a van than is bigger than God. So, I thought God wouldn't mind it I bought him a camera that attaches to the back of the van, with a display unit that attaches to the dashboard, so he can see the cops when he is speeding. oops.. I meant to say, he can see traffic, when needed. Slip of the tongue. It's probably a piece of junk, for $150.00 bucks, but he will tell me if he thinks it is crap. And back she goes to Canadian Tire heaven.

I had to laugh when I approached the chubby Canadian Tire Associate ..heh.. about this gizmo. He looked like Meatloaf!! I know Meatloaf would not wear a red shirt with his name on it, but gawwd he was the spitting image. I wanted to take him aside and sing "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights", really loud! When he was explaining the in's and out's of this camera, I couldn't even think. Every time I looked at him, I heard Paradise by the Dash Board Lights going through my brain! I couldn't shake it. Finally after I gained my composure, without laughing and thinking Meat Loaf..he took my purchase to the cashier, but not without me having one final thought,

Though it's cold and lonely in the deep dark night
I can see paradise by the dashboard light
Paradise by the dashboard lights.

But not with the Associate, mind was all in my head.

I know this is somewhat of a long post, but I have so much to say.

Did you know, that your astrological sign signals whether you are a good driver or a bad driver? Nope, neither did I until I read it in the newspaper. I am a Libra, and apparently, I am your worst nightmare. I am the one with "balance and harmony" on my side, but as a motorist I loose all sight of that at rush hour as there is no balance or harmony going on. Apparently snap decision are to be made at that time, and Libra's are NO GOOD at that!..says my newspaper, arseholes...So, then when all my balance and harmony go south, and I loose my shit, do I become an Aquarius and just what to RAM someone?

Well, there ya go, from Parties, Crokinole, Meat Loaf, or ramming or "whatever ales ya!"

Balonie..over and out!! Peace out...because I am so full of balance and harmony.


Brenda said...

When you buy yer drawers, do you get those bikini thingies or do you go for the granny panties that are the most sensible? (I like the grannies cause they aren't always feeling like they're falling off).

Glad they gave you some "mad" money for you to spend as you wish. That's always a good present!

Special K said...

Really competitive people tend not to like playing with me, because I don't terribly give a shit whether I win. Call me crazy, but I think playing is supposed to be fun.

I've heard a lot of people talk about crokinole, but I've never seen it played. I keep hearing it's fun, though...and now that I know there's no going to hell for playing it, I'm in like Flynn. Cuz, you know, I worry about going to hell all the time.

Way to score on the Christmas bonus!