Friday, December 22, 2006

The votes are in and so am I!

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Thank you all for voting, man you made my life so much easier, and took away some of the guilt. Just for that I'm gonna add some Macaroni Salad to the menu.

My niece phoned me today and I told her of my plans and she said her kid's would think I was the coolest and the oldest aunt they had. How can I argue with that, except ummm oldest..but oh well it comes with the territory. I was worried about Gord's old Tante who is around 90 who will be coming, you know, the piss tank! She said, tell her it's KFC Turkey. And if she doesn't approve..giver about 3 Baileys before supper, and it will all be good. Gawd, I will be Tante one day, I hope!
Except for the gambling trips on buses to the US, I draw the line on getting on a bus with raisins.

She is most wonderful person I have ever met, and she likes me, which is a bonus. My Tante Tina.

We closed up shop at 3:00PM, and boss man brought in Pizza, ribs,chicken wings, chips, huge platters of cheese and veggies, and beer for his men... and his one woman. I ate a bit, but was so pumped to get out of there and start my week off. So, I bade them farewell, so they could be just guys, and say "fuck" and stuff then tell lies to each other about the time they almost electrocuted themselves. That's what the tradesmen likes to do. I thought they deserved "shop talk time" without me getting in the way. Lord, if they only knew me!!

Well, it's off to start the fire in the fireplace..were you thinking I might do it somewhere else? With me never know.

I still have my Polar Bear blow up doll, I lost the reciept and I can't bring it back to stupid store, so tomorrow I'm hanging his ass from a tree in the front yard, it should bring some class to our neighbourhood. It sorely needs someone taking it up a notch on the ole cul de sac. It looks like ole fartsville.

I've got the spirit back, and that could be a dangerous thing..heh

You know who's back..balonie for the holidays..


Lu said...

Here comes Santa Claus!!!!
No, not von Bulow...Santa!
Happy Holidays!!! Lu

Sally said...

I had to hop over here on my union break from the fudge factory....Lord a mercy FIVE POUNDS each of chocolate and peanut butter. I'm thinkin on taking it over to my brother's house, hiding it from my sis-in-law and then I can't get into it myself!!

I missed the vote on KFC, but I gotta tell you, that would've been mine also. Brenda is so right, spend hours upon hours cooking; they spend a few minutes eating.

Enjoy - live it up, and have a wonderful holiday week off!!

brenda said...

KFC and some of that good wine of yours,,,can't think of any better groceries!

Leslie said...

Everyone needs a Tante Balonie in their lives who hangs polar bears off front yard trees and serves KFC over the holidays! No wonder they all loves ya so much.

Merry Christmas Joan!

AndiePandie said...

*clink* Have the bestest most fabbo KFC Christmas ever Joan! *hugs*

Joe said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours! Thinking of you !

Brian said...

Merry Christmas!

Joan said...

Merry Christmas to all of you!! I got a new cel phone for Christmas with a phone and internet access on it. Yay for me.

On the downside, I can't figure the sucker out. I think I may have called Finland today by mistake. I also left a voicemail for myself for some unknown reason.