Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cockeyed template

Now that I have put someting in the sidebar the template looks a little cockeyed. Cockeyed, hey, I like that word. I probably haven't used it in a cock's age. Opp's I probably have, because I live with Plow Boy.

Back up the truck, Jake...I didn't say he was Cockeyed, but I have used other terms to express my distain when he comes up with yet another cockeyed idea that will slow up the process of my retirement plans and I get a little cockeyed meself, I say:

..Are you twisted to one side?
..Are you askew, awry, lopsided, or wonky?
..Are you inviting my ridicule?
..Are you besotted?
..Are you absurd, ludicrous, preposterous, or just plain ole ..don't get it!

Then he looks up at me, lovingly, and says..huh? Were you talking to me? Who could resist gazing into those beautiful blue eyes, and not giving him a sucker punch!


Brenda said...

Well it looks cockeyed great from this angle. Right nice in here!

My cockeyed mate called me from SD on Tuesday morning, bright and early, AFTER I'd decided to go back to bed for a bit, to ask me "what that flashing E was on the camera, and why wouldn't it take a picture when he pushed the button?" I told him, "Since I'm here, you are there, and I've never had it flash an E at me, how in the hell would I know?" I then told him that he was there with 3 overgrown men, surely amongst them all, they could figure out the damn camera!

ellen said...

I just wanna nibble on your page...

sally said...

Cockeyed or not, it's still divine to be in this scrumptous place!

Curtis said... just slay me sometimes.

Joan said...

I fixed the cockeyed stuff.

James camera probably flashed an E for "enough already!

Ellen, nibble to hearts content, there more of where this came from.

Sally, Danke...can you smell it?


Only sometimes? I will have to try harder!

Joe said...

Hum... I see you writing about the things you love most again! :-)