Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Little ole wine maker me!

Pray for me. ahh they are so cute, I love those little angels.

I got me two batches of my Christmas wine brewing in the basement of my "speakeasy."

Today was day 8, and (my boy's) had to be transferred from the pail to the carboy (large glass container.) This is my special Christmas batch, and I felt something special needed to happen, so I named them. Normally it's batch 1 and batch 2, but in the spirit of the season, I have renamed them. It's a German Reisling, so I thought it would only be appropriate to include their heritage in the naming. Batch 1, is now "Long John Schlong" and batch 2 is "Heinekin Schweinekin." I'm thinking "Heinekin Schweinekin" will be my favorite, because "Long John Schlong" looked a little cloudy. And he came up a little short..heh. Can't trust those German wines. They have another process to go through, but I think I can get them ready for Kris Kringle.

If you are ever in the neighbourhood, just pop in for a drink or two. But, there is a secret code, after all this is a "speakeasy" and we don't want no cops busting up my operation. Knock first!!

This batch will be a little young, as I am only giving them about two weeks to reach maturity, I may have to use dusty bottles to fool my guests. As for me, I don't give a crap. Wine is whine.


Lu said...

Oh, how I wish I lived near you..I read this almost every morning with my coffee..I enjoy every day, but today..oh dear...you have touched me!!!
This is almost spiritual!!
Happy Holidays Joan!

Sally said...

Ah, this so reminds me of back when I was about 11. I knew Dad was doing something in the garage, but we weren't sposed to go in there. Then, one night late we heard a lot of loud poppin noises. I didn't know if that was good or bad but I did learn that he'd been making 'home brew' out there. :)

ellen said...

Yikes, that's gonna be some green wine.

brenda said...

Ah hell, green, red, white, I'll drink it all except for that stuff that's SO DRY it makes yer lips pucker. There's a little winery up in the Ozarks here, Post Familie, that makes some deliciousssssss muscadine wine. I covent it!

Joan said...

Hey lulu, I know, I make good wine:)...or were you talking about my meltdown post? Happy Holidays to you to lu!!

Sally, heh, my dad used to make homebrew too. Nobody liked it, but he liked to tinker with it. I remember the time he made beer, and in the middle of the night we heard some popping, and all the caps flew off!! It was a mess, they fizzled all over the floor of the utility room.

Ellen, nothing calms down young wine more than Wine Sweetner and conditioner. I like a sweeter wine, so I use this to balance it out if I don't have time for nature to take it's course. Of course I started too late this season.

Brenda, I don't like me no dry wine either. And I have been up in the Ozarks myself in my younger years, did I ever tell you that? It was beautiful country.

Joe said...

All right you little wine maker you! LOL! My FIL use to add 100 prof vodka to his wine! hey a couple of those and it didn't mater what you were drinking! :-)

Lu said...

I was spaeaking of your post or posts and the wine making..coming from a Austrian/Croatian line.....it could well be me writing, that is how much you touch me!
And speaking of the Ozarks...we, the ones in Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas will no longer be called hillbillies, we prefer to be called..Ozarkian-Americans..
Now, excuse me while I go fry up a possum..