Wednesday, December 20, 2006

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Isn't this beautiful, it's one of my favourite Christmas graphics?

Trust me I have about 1,000 more but I won't bore you with all of them.

They don't fit in my sidebar, so instead of driving myself "batshit" trying to fit them in I will just make em me headers...

Time for this ole broad to get something to eat..and head off to bed.

I just saw that the time on my blog was 6:32 PM...well, that is wrong, it's 8:32 don't trust my time machine.


Curtis said...

Wonderful graphic but Santa's eyesight must be failing. Someone should let him know that those aren't flying reindeer he's trying to coax. Have a wonderful holiday. Chocolate ice cream on a stick will never be the same.

Leslie said...

I just love all the Christmas/animal graphics to be found. That one is beautiful. I remember painting one of those big ceramic pieces one year of Santa surrounded by critters, a sackful of fruit, nuts, and vegetables at his feet.

Merry Christmas, Joan : )

Sally said...

Oh, good now I can visit without craving chocolate; it was really pretty though. This one is nice also. Love the picture!! Makes me wish for snow in Florida, no not really! :)

We always saved popsicle sticks for corn dogs, not, you know? Good luck to Gord, and have a very special, blessed Christmas, Joanie!

Joan said...

Curtis, as it happened that year, Santa's reindeers went on strike, and you know what a bitch unions can be, so he was trying to enlist a few mustangs. I'm sure he had some mighty fine bag of feed to coax them.

Sorry about the ice-cream on a stick.

You and Ellen have a very Merry you take of that gal, which goes without sayin.


Leslie.. I love graphics too...very much, can you tell?

And a very Merry Christmas to you, Carl, and Bilbo!!


Hi Sally, I hope I didn't put you off Corn dogs :)

Have yourself a very special Christmas.