Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Chocolates for yourself

I just found this template, and thought it was ...well chocolatie...and played with it, changing stuff. That's half the fun. Boss was out of the office today and didn't have much to to do. The guy who did it was very generous with his codes and made it so easy to do. Unfortunatley, he didn't have the grasp of the english language, and when the time was to type in "sidebar" on the template" was in his native language...but I soon figured that out.

I wrote a huge ... huge blog tonight and the Gestapo told me I was out of order, and refused it. Shut me down, totally. They didn't like my chocolate landscape. MF's. That's what you get when you are between heaven and hell. Beta will be fine, once I get the hang of it, but they will never tell me when I can or cannot change my template, I will go to wordpress and forgitaboutit I'm not going to go over all the stuff I stressed about in the blog I lost, and of course now that I think about it, it was trival, but it seemed really important as I was clicking my keys.

Und efs you kan can see vats I rote, gut fer yew. Ef knot, youse geys tell dem blagger geys at yehoo dat balongie is peed oft.


Leslie said...

I LOVE this layout! It's like coffee and chocolate and Christmas all packaged into one delicious bundle.

Sally said...

Beautiful! I so wish I had the know how to do this stuff. You're a smart cookie! :)

Leslie said...

I came back for another look now that I'm home and totally jonesin' for some chocolate.

'mmmmm...a nice big slab o' dark all for my ownself. : )

yeah, baby