Monday, December 04, 2006

I didn't win a prize..pout

To start off the season, I once more present to you for your viewing pleasure...Angelman!
I'm sorry, I just can't enough of him. I think it's the feathers. or something.

I feel like balonie today.. every now and again she raises her ugly head. She makes me lie.

Well, it wasn't really about the prizes was it? It was about ... now that I think about it...what the hell was that all about? I did not improve my writing skills, I just wrote more of the same crap I always do. If fact, I think I improved on crappy writing. It was so full of shit by the time I finished, it wouldn't flush.

I don't want a prize. I don't deserve a prize. But, you know...way way back in my mind..I thought perhaps she would pull my name out the "randomizer"...just maybe, so I hit her (Fussy's) site 98765 times today. Now she will think I am a stalker. I also put my blog entry for "best dog story"...I wasn't picked. Bummer. And then she posted all those who had entered and gave them the "hey"...but she forgotted me. Folks, I am having me a bloggers butt-kick! I should have never changed the colour of my font to green, because I'm thinking it's making people sick. Nothing to do with the content mind you.

We had the biggest, fullest full moon today I have ever seen! It was very cold, and when it came up it was a crispy blue colour. I wish I would have had my camera in the truck coming home.

My truck, she is broke, I have no blinkers and no brake lights.... this, during the one of the most icy days on the road! On the way to work today I was doing hand signals from my window. I was signalling, but I forgot which was left or I just put my hand out the window...waved it frantically, hoping someone would realize I was turning LEFT. I'm surprised they didn't call 911 and think I was in trouble.

Today blogger gave me back my spell check and all the rest of the stuff. Maybe I paid my bill?

I'm off to take the green from my font. Because I am sure that is why I lost.

Balonie is the liar in the family. I hate her. But she speaks the truth. She is green. I will put an end to that.

Monday night supper:

Lazy man's cabbage rolls.....fight me for it!!


brenda said...

I'm so sorry you didn't win a prize Miz Joanie/balonie. I'd have picked you. I think I stalked you quite a few times yesterday too and I still missed the Sunday post!
Hope you get yer ride fixed, that hand and arm waving could get dangerous.

JimBob said...

Here in the U.S. you signal your intent. Extend the left arm so that the person tailgating you can
see your extended arm, then extend the 2nd finger up while folding the rest of your fingers...

Joan said...

Aww thanks Brenda... My ride is still stuck in a rut, but I hope to have er fixed real soon. Still waving me arms!!!

I am so anal I want so badly to put up my own special Christmas template, but I just don't have the time. Phooey!!


JimBob..we do the same in Canada heh..I haven't done it yet, as I would like to be taken seriously while making a turn. It's icy man.

Leslie said...

There is no better dog story.


Special K said...

A new template? That's so unusual around here.