Monday, December 18, 2006

This and that..mostly that.

Counting down the days till ole Saint Nick comes a knocking at my door. I still have a lot of prezzies to wrap, but I bought the most beautiful bags that were ever born to house them in. So, no wrapping will I do, I will just stuff em in the bag and crunch up some fancy cellophane (colour co-oridanted)mind you...and have my "happening experience." Man, those bags are pretty, but unfortunately not all the gifts will fit in them, so I will have to wrap a few and do some creative stuff.

Gord hasn't been feeling well these last few weeks and went to the doc today, and tomorrow he will have some blood tests. He has been very tired, but of course he burns the candle at both ends most days, and he feels a little light headed when he does the Hammil Camel. So, of course with Christmas coming up we will have to go through the holidays without a diagnosis. Nothing says Christmas more than waiting for results! I know I am a worrier. I worry and I worry and then I worry somemore. Most people won't even tell me when they have a headache, because I will have booked them in for a catscan before they finished their sentence.

I am my mother.

Who, I said I would never be, except for the good stuff?

I have have already been on the internet and know what he has. Diabetes. But because I am such an asshole, I have not written off a brain tumour, second hand smoke, Lupis, Altzheimers and any form of cancer I have ever heard about.

I could be wrong about it all of this, but why not stress during the holidays, when the stressing is good!



Special K said...

I'm surprised you didn't give Gord hemorrhoids too, just for good measure.

I know you've been a bit blue lately, and it sucks that you get to have all this worry-making stuff on your mind as well. This season is supposed to be fun, dammit! If you crack open a bottle of Riesling early, I won't tell anyone.

ellen said...

I won't bother to tell you to try not to worry, but I will pray that everything's okay with the Mister.

Leslie said...

I hope that all the worrying will be for nothing. It's hard not to though. : (