Friday, December 29, 2006

I couldn't stay away! & the KFC was a hit!

I spent most of the day in bed, after taking a few Gravol pills. Those suckers knocked me on my ass! I think I should have only taken one. My tummy has been very upset for some days now, so I thought this would be the ticket. Finally, I am coming back to earth!! I still have no appetite whatsoever, so I guess I shouldn't be drinking wine. Well, I am. Why?..because I am feeling a little better.

No, the KFC didn't have anything to do with my malady. Call it stress, flu, whatever, that's where it lays.

All the Tiny Tim's went home on Boxing Day singing praises to KFC!! Yelling... "Auntie Balonie, this was the best Christmas ever"! Not to mention the 20.00 bucks I put in their envelopes..heh. When they get a little older I will spring for 25.00 bucks. I'm generous like that. And I think one of the little buggers was a little too generous with a bugaboo she had, and passed on as a Christmas present for me. Gimmee my twenty bucks back you little rugrat!!

Everyone liked the KFC. Even my Tante Tina, who said she was so glad she didn't have to eat Turkey again. Apparently, she, at the age of 90 has been galavanting around to 12 Christmas dinners, at different locations last week. "And all they have is turkey", she exclaimed! She was very grateful for the chicken and the 12 shots of "Old Baileys" she drank. When she left, she told me she had knit me a head warmer and a pair of socks, and it was under the tree. I looked for it the next day, and couldn't find it??? There was a cordless drill in a unmarked package, so maybe I will find me some yarn and drill a pair of socks with it. I don't know how to drill socks. But, if I had the Head Warmer, I could drill a hole in my head. Hmmmm, it seems I should probably have some soup or something, I'm getting a little you say it...stupid.

We were supposed to go to my brothers tommorrow for the Kehler Christmas, but with all this dizzyness and lack of hunger, followed by the best fever ever, I had to decline. He and his wife were just in the middle of the cold and flu season too! She has a day care, and whatever the kids bring in...they get!! Damn kids!

Late this afternoon, I decided we needed some groceries in the house. Our cupboards were bare. I still had my bed-head on, I tried to comb it down but it just stuck up in very unusual ways. I thought of putting some water on it to calm down the peaks, but my hair hurt. So, I put on my parka, stuck the hood over my head and went shopping like that. I'm sure the cashier thought I had a gun. I looked like a gorilla. It's really hard shopping when you feel like puking on the produce. So, I concentrated on frozen food, cans of soup, dog food and anything that I couldn't smell. I was even thoughtful enough to buy a frozen dessert that was so bland, that in case I upchucked it, it would not make want to do it again.

So, how do you feel after reading this?

Actually, the tummy has calmed down. Wine is my friend. But, I will surely not take anymore of those hippy drugs like Gravol.

Gord just came home with ...Lobster tails for New Years Eve! I won't look at them or smell them till this passes ..hopefully I should be backatter by then.

On a sad note: My new cell phone has never rung. No ringy dingy for da balonie! My best guess is that no one knows my number, heh. Really, I am just using this phone on a "buddy system" from Gord's phone for emergency etc. But I wanted to be cool! I have all the features, and I have been experimenting...but I hope I wasn't charged with that call I made by mistake to Nigeria. I have to think..consequences..when I keep pushing the buttons.

Over and out... good buddies


JimBob said...

Glad to see that your feeling better! Not sure how viable, but you could take a felt tip and dash into the gentlemans room at a local tavern ;-) ;-)

AndiePandie said...

Oh I'm glad you're feeling better and that it wasn't the KFC!

Wine always helps. ;)

Michelle said...

Hope you are feeling better Joan. and email me your cellphone number and I will sending you text messages.

Happy New Year to you and Gord. Hope it is going to be a great year for you both. Happy 2007.

Brenda said...

Nigeria, hahahahahahahaha, at least it wasn't one of those far eastern islands.

Glad you're feeling better Miz Joanie!