Thursday, February 15, 2007

The day after ...da ...lovvvvvvvvve day..

I'm still glowing. Only because the wicked Cherry Pie my Gord brought me to celebrate this most monumentous event. I made up that word. I think.

This was a pie to die for.

He paid $15.00 bucks for it. He almost buckled up when he got the bill, but then he realized I was worth every penny of it! Yes, me balonie, his valentine.

My supper for him, on the other hand, was uneventful. I tried to make my mennonite perogys...low cal. Nothing says shit like trying to use half and half instead of whipping cream for the gravy. Bad move. Plus the dry cottage cheese I got from Safeway, must have been fermenting in someone's crotch for a few days..gawwd..

Lesson learned. If you are going to make an ole family favorite, do it right or don't do it at all. I could see the disappointment in his eyes. So...I will do it all over again this weekend and make the real thing. I think the whole world has gone mad, because we feel so guilty eating the foods we grew up with. blahhhhhh

So for the next few nights we will be eating our way through that Cherry Pie, and loving every piece...along with some french vanilla fuck the nay sayers.

I am so tired of hearing what we should eat....the media never stops. I try and try to make the right decisions to make sure we have all the food groups..but sometimes I wonder how the hell my parents got us through it all, when we didn't even know that broccoli existed! We never ever had cauliflower, we didn't have all those weird greens you see in packages in the store. We had peas, carrots, cabbage, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, and turnips (which I didn't like), but I do now, plus beets, and corn. Those were all our staples. And they still are the veggies we like, and we are not going to change. I don't mind a little of the other stuff, but I know what we like and what makes us feel good. Plus we like our salads too...and have them all the time.

It seems like we are living on another planet don't ya think?


ellen said...

Where does Gord get this cherry pie? Sounds goooooood.

Brenda said...

I like cherry pie but I've never had a cherry pie that cost that much. That's love!

Joan said...

Ellen... I think it was at Bread and Circus. Hippychicks daughter works there and they have some great breads and of course pies. But, $15.00 bucks..ouch. And it wasn't the run of the mill pie filling, it was real cherries. It also was bigger than most.

Brenda, neither have I. If I would have had the time I could have made 6 of them for the price...but alas..I do not. I wait for my cherry pie every v/day.