Sunday, February 11, 2007

Waterbeds and Hammers

I like this new template. I don't say that too often, because most of the time I don't. I just crank em out. I like the primary colours on the header. Sorry, I haven't got it all together yet. I have been way to busy this weekend to get anything done on the computer, so it is still all half arsed.

On Saturday, I made an effort to get every last piece of dog hair on the carpets in my vacumn cleaner. I sucked this house dry. I was truly amazed at the amount of hair that had accumlated behind the waterbed in the last 3 years! There is only about 6 inches between the wall and the bed, but god all mighty...there was enough hair to make 3 puppies. So, I'm guessing all this sneezing Gord does ALL NIGHT LONG, wasn't because he was allergic to me. But even without the dog hair, I'm sure he is somewhat allergic to me. Ahem.

There was three rolls of toliet paper behind the bed in various stages of use, which had fallen through the bottom of the headboard. Gord always puts a roll between us at night, it's like a condem. And God only knows, why I didn't get pregnant the nights those toliet paper rolls fell down behind it.

Today, Sunday, was a challenge. Gord and I do not work well together. But as luck would have it..our waterbed heater has gone on the fritz. It's been a family job "to do" since the fucking Patio Block fiasco, and seeings it takes team work for us to acutally spend a Sunday afternoon in the house together. He has his shit, I have mine. So, with the temp's the way they are right now, we are freezing our asses off in the bed. The heater would work somedays, and the next..not so much. SO, his brother got us a used waterbed heater from ebay. Nuff said. But, couldn't we have just gone to the store and bought one? I wasn't to crazy about getting electical appliances on ebay... so I checked it out.. It looked like it wouldn't kill us, so I opted to put it in.

It's a big job emptying the bed, and I had to get some team spirit going this morning, without pissing him off. Apparently he does not know where anything is this house is located?????... HE LIVES HERE FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE!

Okay, nevermind...I'm calming down.

He went to the shop this morning to get a hose, to drain the bed. I had a hose in the house, but I couldn't find it last night when we were prepping for our family day together. When he came back he had this suction pump he uses to take water out people washing machines when they break down, and thought it would be useful to pull the water of the bed faster. But it didn't.

Then I found the hose we were looking for last night ...geez.. too late.

The hose attached to it was too small and was made for a small volume of water, so the motor on this thing was smelling to high hell...I thought it was going to burn out!! But, he had a brain wave, and attached the garden hose to it, and it worked perfectly. The bed was empty in about 1/2 hr.

Once the bladder was empty, and we took it off the bed, then we could see that the water bed liner had enough hair in it for another 3 was gross. Just to let you know, we aren't gross unclean people, but we never expected this!! We have had dogs before, but they were poodles and didn't shed. So this was a real surprise.

I expected some skin remants...but all this hair. No.

Then we saw that the liner of the water bed had sunk below the bladder and it was all pulled down on the wouldn't have done a thing to pervent a leak. But... we didn't have a new liner, so we did the next best thing, we cleaned it all up and stapled it back up..holes and all. We are hoping if a leak does occurs the water will move to the bottom of the bed where the liner is still intact. Optomism? yes...shit for brains ..yes. But somehow we always still like to live a little outside of the law.

Finally when it came time to fill it up again, we had a difference of opinion on how much water to put into it. I like the water level a little lower, because he is heavier than me, and if it's too full, I feel like I'm laying on a piece of cement.

Yackity yack...back and forth. And when I'm not looking he fills it up way to much. (by mistake)...back in forth. Forth and back.

What I didn't tell youse guys was, when he was putting up the liner in the bed with the staple gun...I was the one right behind him with the hammer....just in case the gun didn't get the staple in properly. God forbid the bladder would get a sharp staple in it and then there would be a flood...and knowing our track record..there would be no ark in sight.

So, little miss know it all (balonie) kept hammering in the staples..just to make sure....and then she forgot to take her finger off the staple....and whammed her finger. so as I write this index fingernail on my left hand is "blue." And throbbing. Gord finally took the hammer out my hand, "god bless him," and said I was my worst enemy...I am.

The bed hasn't warmed up too much yet..nor has Gord. So, I'm going to put on my parka and go to bed and cuddle up with Penny. I was just watching this really cool guy on TV singing in the Grammies...mannnnnnnnn he would warm me up in a heatbeat. I swear.... but's not to be.


JimBob said...

Waterbed? Your life IS NOT COMPLETE! You need a cat...

Brenda said...

Yep, a kitty would be just right!

Joan said...

jimbob, you should have seen our previous waterbed when we had cats!! We had a million patches all over it. Nothing like waking up a night with a slow leak on your ass.


I just re-read my blog. I must have been on Catnip last night, I wasn't using all my "words"... there is something to be said about editing....geez..I must of been "hammered"...LOL.

Joan said...

Thanks again to Lisa from New Zealand who helped me out with the code in my links...You are the bestest!! I am forever grateful.

Joe said...

LOL! I think you could write a book on changing a light bulb!