Sunday, February 18, 2007

New rules for Attitude Adjustment Hour

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Everyone is required to "blow before you go." Much to the astonishment of my Saturday nite motley crew, I made some rules. I can't seem to keep enough red wine on hand for my two girls, so I thought if I bought the home breathalizer kit, they might quit drinking all my booze. God knows, I can hardly keep up with my own consumption.

They treated it like a party joke. Neither of them took it seriously. Bitches. They seemed to take delight in trying to get it to go from to from "safe" "drunk." You see, they are former country folk from the 1960's and think none of the rules today apply to them. So, my plan backfired, plus that stupid thing cost me $20 bucks, which I could have used to buy another bottle of wine..FOR THEM.

They were quite amused and traded drunk driving stories from the 60's and 70's.

I was just trying to be the responsible host..and a cheap one because I thought they would actually drink less. Didn't happen. So,now what I have to do is make a shit pile of food for them, along with all the wine they drink to keep them sober. All and all, I am not winning. heh....I hope y'all know I'm kidding..I love them. And they don't get drunk...well they did blow "over".. But as kid's from the 1960's they said they knew how to handle their liquour, and the device was just a toy. Yeah!! But when they left it was at a safe level. They still laughted at it.

But, I have a plan. I am watering down the wine. Also, I am making snacks I know they don't like. Maybe they will get the hint and find the snacks and the wine at Chez Martinez are so dispicable they will have to bring their own. Hippy Chick contributes snacks every now and again, but I usually do it. And, if they bring their own wine, I won't be responsible for their I will be a little richer. I want to make my $20 bucks back for the Alcohol tester!!

Sunday Night Supper:

Same ole cow. Back in the same ole pot. I wasn't feeling particularily creative in food management services today. So, I threw a roast in a pot, along with veggies and potatoes and gravy and called it supper. Someone should put me on a "time out"..I feel so lazy.

I spent the major portion of the day doing bookwork for Gord's business. It's that time of year again, while listening to a podcast of "Keith and the Girl." Those guys break me up!

I didn't call Special K today, liked I planned to, because I was too busy, so I don't know how she is doing with her computer.

So, it's time to wrap er up. I'm always tired after a week-end when I have to exorsise Balonie....she depletes all my energy.


Brenda said...

I need one of those to have around during one of our summer weekend bbqs for the beer guzzlers.

Just read the valentine poem and that's good for a laugh.

AndiePandie said...

Start buying some Boone's for your AA nights. It's cheap, does the same thing, and maybe they'll leave your good stuff alone. :D

Sally said...

I know someone else who bought one of those. So far, it's working; keeping fingers crossed! :)