Wednesday, February 28, 2007

He's home!!

He passed his stress test with flying colours!! He said he could have gone another round if they would have let him, but I think he was bragging.

Penny was mighty glad to see him, because she was thirsty. You see, he is the keeper of her water bowl, and I never fill it. She hasn't had a refill since Sunday..OMG! Fortunately, her bowl is HUGE..and he always fills it to the top. When he got home this afternoon, the first thing he did was change her water...and was empty. It's one of those silver bowls and you can't really see if there is water in it, and I never noticed in all my stressfulness. I was wondering why she was eating snow yesterday...GAWD I feel guilty. Poor Penny Loafer.

When he went in for his gall stone operation a few years back, the same thing happened, but Penny gave me a hint, she laid in front to the bowl and wouldn't get up! I have her stuff all in a little corner in our bedroom, because the kitchen is too small for doggy bowls, and I guess I didn't put on the light when I fed her and never noticed. Geez I feel like shit.

I just got back from the pharmacy after having his prescriptions dispensed. F*k...are pills make of gold? 4 different the cost of 279.79!! Thank you God for my Blue Cross at work. They pay it cost around 70.00 bucks.

He is having a little nap right now, while I'm getting supper going.

He is going to try to loose weight, and stop stressing about the little crap. So hopefully we can beat this crap. But...oh my god it's going to hard to keep him down. We almost got into it a few times today...because I was telling him he can't do this or that...and of course he shot back with his I'm just going to keep my big yap shut and quit stressing him with my fears.....and maybe take a more proactive way of expressing my opinions.

I went to Safeway on Tuesday, and they have what I call "the widows bench" by the door, where the the old ladies gather waiting for the transit van to take them back the their homes or apartments. I couldn't imagine sitting there. I was scared.

So, maybe things will look up. I sure hope so.

Thank you all for your support.


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