Tuesday, February 13, 2007

V day

Have you had enough?
I'm not a mushy person by nature, so take it when when you can get it baby!
Gord and I are a "hot" item these days. He's got the waterbed cranked up to 90 degrees!! I knew that was going to happen. I still have my feather mattress on the bed, which is now holding in all the heat that eluded us with the unreliable waterbed heater we had before. I was cooked right through this morning, like a pig on a spit. And, there is too much water in the bed, I feel like I'm going to roll off at any minute. But, I totally screwed myself up on Sunday when we were filling the bed. When he took off all the hoses and the little "motor sucker" thingamajig, he made a comment "well, I won't put this back in my truck, because you will find a problem with the water level." WELL, that got my hackles up...and I went on.and.on....about him suggesting? I was a bitchy person. Finally he took all the equipment and put it back in the truck.

Okay ... either I have to admit I am a teensie weensie bit of a bitch, or I get the hose out and do it the hard way without the motor sucker thingamajig behind his back. I know how to do it, and I'm not sure he would notice if I took out a few gallons of water out at a time. So, this is a difficult decision. I have already turned down the bed to 80 degrees..let's see if he notices that tonight...and tomorrow, I might just start emptying it out a bit at a time. I cannot loose face. I must have Japanese blood. Sushi anyone?

Now, if my big mouth wouldn't have gone into high gear, we could have resolved this like grown-up's.... now there will be nothing but lies and deception. I can't wait....bring it on. I want to win.
If I get caught, I will admit to being a crabass. But until then, I'm taking the long way home..heh.

Tomorrow for Valentines day, I'm will make my "love" a special dinner. We haven't had homemade Mennonite cottage cheese Perogies for about two years. We will then partake in a side of baked farmer sausage along with thick cream gravy for the Perogies. A dish of fresh tomatoes will also accompany the meal, and then some bread to sop up the gravy left on the plate. According to the "Canadian Heart and Stroke Association," we will be dead by 9:00 PM.
What they don't know, is we will top that off with a slice of Cherry Pie...with French Vanilla Icecream, that my valentine brings me every February 14th. So, I guess we will have to squeeze that in before 9:00PM. Before we die.
On my death bed, I might come clean, and tell Gord that I took a few gallons off the waterbed, but I'm sure he will forgive me for my lying ass. He always does. That is why he is my choice of Valentine Man of the year!!!
Love ya Gord.. thanks for putting up with me...I know it's not easy...trust me .


Brenda said...

Yep, I reckon you've got a keeper.
Happy Valentines Day Miz Joan.

and I don't believe you're a bitch at all, not even a little.

ellen said...

My poor Valentine came home sick as a dawg at lunchtime today with a miserable cold. He could use a 90 degree bed to sweat it out, but I would combust!

Joan said...

Brenda...I have my days...but mostly I keep it to myself.

Ellen...awwww you make Curtis hang his head in a big whopping bowl of hot water with vicks in it. If he doesn't come up for air ...release his head... they get so scared the cold vanishes..True story.

Seriously, I hope he gets over it, god knows I am still recovering from the Christmas blight.

Sally said...

Happy VD to you also!! You're too funny, balonie. :)

JUST A MOM said...

HEY THERE JOAN HOWS IT GOIN? JUST STOPPPIN BY TO SAY HEY. oooops didn't mean to yell, I like the cuteies on top htere. Hope your day was a good one

Sally said...

I meant to tell you yesterday, I really like this template; it's so much easier to read your infamous words of wisdom and such. :)

Brian said...

Better watch it...you came THAT close to being mushy!