Friday, February 16, 2007

It's me know the evil one.

Special K is still having puter probs. I'm thinking I should phone her tomorrow and ask her if she wants me to "host" her blog while she is away. You know, just telling youse guys a Special K story or so, from my perspective.

I could have me some fun in there. Number one, I would change her template HAAAAA..Then I might play around with her "drawerings" on her side bar. Evil grows in my mind. I NEED TO GET HER PASSWORD! I have so many "smellus" stories I have concocted in my mind to share. I would have course have to take my dictionary with me to try to duplicate her extensive use of the English language.

I really think I could write a blog and nobody would know it wasn't her...except for the ellipes, my spelling and grammer errors, other than that ..bring it on.

Do you think I should call her? Maybe I shouldn't. She is probably so pissed off by now she might yell at me. But, I'm used to it...she loves making fun of us raisins, and I love making fun of young folks who don't have a computer. Hey little girl, we raisins have computers that don't... hold on...I'm just ducking incoming fire here!!!

This is so unfair.....balonie!!! how the hell did you get in here? I apologize, she rears her ugly head every now and again. What did you say to Special K? ... and quit trying to minimize the screen!! you bitch!!
What the hell are you doin?... we are trying to run a proper blog here and you are all about the evil again. As I have said to you time and time again, get out of my head. I let you out for a few minutes; it was a calculated risk, but you crossed over and now I'm at your mercy again. HAAAAAAAALP!

Balonie: I am now in control of this blog. Joan is gone. Say your goodbyes and good ridence to bad rubbish!! She is a pain in the ass. Miss do gooder. Always says nice things in your comments. She puts up with that Gord she is married to for a lousy cherry pie. Lord, I'm going to the bank and am taking out all her money, and going to Veges. Because I have heard ..everything that happens in Veges, stays in Veges, and she will never find me or her money.

I might go to Graceland first. I need me some time to talk to the King. I trust his judgement before I extort her cash. After all he is the King. And.. this is the shocker.. I might be carrying his baby! Chances are I will name he/she Vivalasveges. Viva for short. I know it sounds like a name of a Ford car but sometimes the King speaks to me from beyond, and this is what he told me to do.

So, don't count on seeing "Joan" on here anytime soon, because she is like plaque on my teeth...crap on my toliet paper...and ...ooops I seem to be fading...damn it she just pointed a lazer gun at my soul.....I'll be back you bitch!!


ellen said...

Balonie scares me...

Brenda said...

She scares me too.

Mary Lou said...

uh JOANIE? You in here? JOANIE? hrmmmmm, Balonie musta really done her in this time.

Joan said...

Be afraid...very afraid...