Friday, February 09, 2007


I just noticed that all my blogger links don't work on my sidebar. Jeez Louise...what now??

I checked my template and they look okay...probably that damn new version of blogger screwing with me. So, I guess I got my work cut out for this weekend.

I did a very bold thing today. I gave my blog address to my cousin Tony. No one in my family has it except my two nieces and they know I am a little addled, so no worries...but I couldn't resist giving it to Tony. He has the "best" sense of humour and I thought he might get a chuckle out of it. He's is pretty old (I'm baiting case he reads this). heh.. He is so old, he goes to Arizona for the winter. He lives in a retirement condo, with his wife.

He feeds the pigeons most mornings, and scratches his ass the rest of the day.

I named him Ton-yeah...a very long time ago. My Grandma used to have this immigrant lady who lived next door to her, and whenever she saw him, she would yell Tonyah!!! And it stuck in my mind forever. And I'm sure he wishes I would fogetaboutit already!!

I will pick up on this story tomorrow, but I have to call my brother tonight and have a chat with him.


AndiePandie said...

Hopefully he washes his hands after touching his butt before feeding the pigeons. Otherwise they might be getting more than they bargained for.

Lu said...

I like this much better...easier on the eyes..
As for the pigeon luver, no comment!

Joe said...

Hey I like the new look! I haven switched to the new yet! They will push sooner or later! hey Toniyaw have a good weekend girl!

Lisa said...

Just noticed the links on your sidebar and the url address....if you have another look, you will see that each link address has two /'s at the end of them. The links will only open up as errors with both /'s.

It's just a case of removing one at the end of the address and leaving only one. (I only know this because I had problems with it myself lol and I didn't even look at the date of your post, so for all I know you're sorted by now!)

ellen said...

Your lube job post was hilarious. These colours are too gloomy for your goofy humour.