Sunday, April 01, 2007

I am all tuckered out, another day of bookkeeping for taxes, schmaxes. I hate you revenue canada! I didn't capitolize you, because you are not worth it. In fact, I am very tempted to add $2.99 to our expenses for the six pack of coke I picked up to get through this ordeal. I only had one. But, I needed a jolt and I don't like coffee. Maybe I should charge them for the wine I'm having tonight to calm down.

I've almost got it all done. Next weekend is a long weekend and I can finish it up, take it the accountant and pray.

We are still having "leakage" in the basement. Gord took the whole wall down today. Not good news...its cracked right from top to the bottom. So, we will have to get someone here to do it right. It's been three years of this already, so who needs this stress every spring. Forntuntaley we have enough "glop" in the bigger cracks to hold it together until spring run off subsides. But, we still have to clean up about twice a day. By the end of the week the ground will be warm enough to start letting the snow and water to drain into the the soil and not build up around the foundation. One more a duck! I will never be able to retire at this rate.

I bet you can't believe how much weight I have lost this past month with our new and improved dietary rules...guess? wrong!! lower!

I started at 156, and this morning (I only weigh in on Sunday mornings)149!! Gord is doing about the same. I'm really liking the new way we are eating. Not that we ate too crappy before, but I was letting shit slide when we were both obviously overweight. I feel really good. And all my jeans are falling off of me. Maybe I won't have to wear "mom jeans" anymore..I'd like me a pair of boot cut Levis, like I used to wear. Mean and lean. Of course they won't be low cut, because I will forever have some belly fat. God gave me that little fat bulge, so I wouldn't get too into myself, and make porno movies. Balonie would be all over that, so I have to stay fat enough so she doesn't embarrass me.

Talking about food, we had the best supper last night. Gord loves hamburgers, so I thought he should have a treat. I bought a pound of bison burger yesterday. It is lean and had been accredited by the heart and stroke association. I grilled it on the barbeque with a dab or two of Tony Roma's BQ sauce on a whole wheat bun along with onions and a bean salad. It really hit the spot. We had no fat no sugar ice-cream for dessert and went to bed very satisfied. So, it can be done. It just takes a little time to get it all in place.

Sunday night supper:

Pork Loin Roast
Sweet and Sour Rice Medley (my own version)
Broccoli, Cauliflower and carrots sprinkled with low fat cheese. And lots of no salt seasonings...which all taste very good!!

I'm starting to like this no salt and sugar diet.

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