Tuesday, April 24, 2007

okay, enough with the balonie nonsence it's crap

Gord finally got to see the Doc today, and he had the results from the ER that took more than 25 fartnights to get to his office. Transcription apparently takes a lot of time (two months)to get to the doctors office. Well, blow me down!

There was nothing new that we didn't already know. But I should have gone with him, because I have a million questions. All he wanted to know, was it safe to have bacon and eggs once a week? Fortheloveofpete!! What is it with the food? The doc did tell him, "everything in moderation," which I don't think he liked. Once a month maybe. He has one artery that is partially blocked, and they will be treating it with drugs as they are now, BUT sometimes the drugs don't do their job after two years, and you may have to find alternative methods eg. stents etc. But in his case they thought this was the best method to go for now, because he did so well in his stress test.

He related my fears to the doc, and the doc said I should come in and talk to him about them and he would be more than happy to explain everything to me. I do have a lot of questions, only for my peace of mind so I know where this is leading. I should have gone with him today to get it over with, but I was still sitting with my head in the sand. I will go in and see the guy. I have too, as much as I dread it.

I found it very hard not posting every other day. I missed it like hell. Now all I have to do is get my happy face on. Seriously, I am feeling so much better, and now we know where we are going, and what we have to do.

Thanks for putting up with me....a downer blog is a hard blog to read. I'm moving forward.


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